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"It Will Be OK In The End And If It's Not OK, It's Not The End."
by HP from TN on May 29th, 2015

"Magic Check."
by H from CA on May 29th, 2015

"The Best Class Ever"
by MP from Iraq on May 29th, 2015

"iPhone 6 From My Magic Wishlist."
by surbhi from baroda, india on May 29th, 2015

"How I Finally Succeeded."
by monika from mumbai,india on May 29th, 2015

"The Secret Brought My Lost Cat Back Home"
by Amba Jacobs from Raglan, New Zealand on May 28th, 2015

"Magic Ingredient."
by white rose from India on May 28th, 2015

"Car Passed Inspection Against All Odds."
by Brittany G. from Missouri on May 28th, 2015

"The Bowling Pin."
by lori from florida on May 28th, 2015

"iPhone 6"
by haridas from abu dhabi on May 28th, 2015

"I Was Waiting On Me All Along"
by Ana F. from Florida on May 27th, 2015

"If They Are The One, Don't Give Up."
by Jenn B. from London on May 27th, 2015

"I Am Grateful."
by gayathri from Hyderabad india on May 27th, 2015

"Nothing Is Impossible!"
by PS from India on May 27th, 2015

"The Secret Has Changed My Life!!!"
by Miss P from Cape Town, South Africa on May 27th, 2015

"Roller Coaster Stopped On The Top!"
by Michael A from Scottsdale, AZ on May 26th, 2015

"The Wonder Of Magic Money."
by Artur H. from Detroit , Mi on May 26th, 2015

"Admitted To Johns Hopkins"
by Neena from Washington, DC on May 26th, 2015

"New Business!"
by Believer from VA on May 26th, 2015

"SAT Subject Tests."
by Anooj.R from Chennai,India on May 26th, 2015

"You Are The Answer To Everything You Seek."
by S.S.S from KL, Malaysia on May 25th, 2015

"The Secret Really Works!"
by Pooja Singhal from Pune on May 25th, 2015

"LOA Passes With Flying Colors! "
by Rishabh from Nashik, India on May 25th, 2015

"Praise Yourself To Achieve. "
by achiever from Delhi india on May 25th, 2015

by Ansie from South Africa on May 25th, 2015

"Dream Job In A Fashion Magazine."
by Gabriela from Mexico on May 24th, 2015

"That's How I Got My First Job!!"
by Tejashri G. from Pune, India on May 24th, 2015

"Though Math Exam Went Bad But Got Rank In My Class!"
by Rhutuja from India on May 24th, 2015

"How Could A Book Change A Life So Rapidly?"
by Hürol Türen from Nuremberg, Germany on May 24th, 2015

"New Job!"
by Priya k from Hyderabad, India on May 24th, 2015

"My Beautiful Job Internship Journey."
by Amruta from Mumbai,India on May 23rd, 2015

"Thank You Universe..!!!"
by Jo from M'sia on May 23rd, 2015

"I Have."
by Caroline Ruth from Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 23rd, 2015

"Dream College."
by sam from India on May 23rd, 2015

"Believe It Will Happen, I Found My Dream Job!"
by Maureen M from Boston, MA on May 23rd, 2015

"Secret Life Of Faith."
by Sharat from India on May 22nd, 2015

"The Love Heart Key. "
by Janey from Wales UK on May 22nd, 2015

"Thank You Allah For Magical Healing."
by Sajeeda from India on May 22nd, 2015

"Thank You!"
by Asha from India on May 22nd, 2015

"Two Panic Stricken Hearts."
by ketaki vasant phadke from India on May 22nd, 2015

"New Years Dress."
by Kaya from Aruba on May 21st, 2015

"The Universe Returned My Friend Back."
by Harini Sridharan from Chennai, India on May 21st, 2015

"The Secret Makes My Life Wonderful!"
by Shree from Chennai on May 21st, 2015

"Keep On Smiling Life Is Perfect. "
by Smiling girl from Toronto ontario on May 21st, 2015

"Attracted My Business In One Week."
by Andrew T from Kampala Uganda on May 21st, 2015

"I Manifested $6,000,000 With Ease!"
by Amber from CHB New Zealand on May 20th, 2015

"Slowly But Surely."
by anna from london on May 20th, 2015

"Relieved From Back Pain!"
by Chandrashekhar Parate from Nagpur India on May 20th, 2015

"Truly life Changing Concept."
by LMI from bangalore on May 20th, 2015

"College Entrance Exam Miracle"
by Nico Chang from Hsinchu,Taiwan on May 20th, 2015

"The Life That I Wanted."
by Nancy L. from Honduras on May 19th, 2015

"Trip To Australia."
by Aurelie from Montreal on May 19th, 2015

"Ten Year Degree."
by Molly from Florida, USA on May 19th, 2015

"The Secret Finally Found Me!!"
by Adiismii from India, Mumbai on May 19th, 2015

"Got My Perfect Job!"
by ZY from Singapore on May 19th, 2015

"Replace Unconscious Blocks With New Beliefs!"
by Jani from United States on May 18th, 2015

"The Magic Begins. "
by Amrit from Pune, India on May 18th, 2015

"Becoming A 100% Positive Person."
by Deji Sotonwa from Lagos, Nigeria on May 18th, 2015

"Power Of A Vision Board."
by SS from India on May 18th, 2015

" Just A Little, Didn't See The Lot."
by Natacha Brea from Pembroke Pines, FL on May 18th, 2015

"Love Heals All"
by Lisa R from Ontario, Canada on May 17th, 2015

"The Impossible Became Possible."
by Jordan from Uk on May 17th, 2015

"Got The Job!"
by Kelly from Leicester, UK on May 17th, 2015

"The Ultimate Happiness Through Gratefulness! "
by abey from delhi,india on May 17th, 2015

"Ultimate Happiness."
by R. S from Doha on May 17th, 2015

"Maintaining Balance."
by Nainesh Patel from Godhra,Gujarat, India on May 16th, 2015

"Sobriety And The Secret. "
by Kevin K from Chicago, IL on May 16th, 2015

"Manifesting My Baby Boy. "
by Dee from Ontario, Canada on May 16th, 2015

"Restored My Eyesight!"
by thanoojaaw from india on May 16th, 2015

"The Secret Beast."
by Jeff from Seattle on May 16th, 2015

"Thank You!"
by Donnie Bennett from Orange Park, Fl on May 15th, 2015

"Let Go Of Things And Have Patience. "
by Priyanka from United States on May 15th, 2015

"Attracted My Best Friend Back."
by Sanjay A. A. from Deolali , India on May 15th, 2015

"I've Repelled Illness!"
by Leanne G. from Augusta, ME on May 15th, 2015

"Got Laptop!"
by manish from amreli,INDIA on May 15th, 2015

"Thank You!"
by Lori S. from Florida on May 14th, 2015

"Complete Transformation"
by xyz from India on May 14th, 2015

"I Got The Man Of My Dreams!"
by Matilda from Sweden on May 14th, 2015

"Pulsar 150 "
by Namit Sahu from Durg, India on May 14th, 2015

"90 Days Later."
by Ansie B from South Africa on May 14th, 2015

"Perfect 20/20 Vision."
by sai prabha from india, ts state on May 13th, 2015

"My Key Is The Gratitude"
by Nataliya from Odessa, Ukraine on May 13th, 2015

"A Lesson Learned."
by M from India on May 13th, 2015

"Gold Party."
by Catherine V, from Easley, SC on May 13th, 2015

"Competition Wins Just By Doing What I Love!"
by Kate R from London, United Kingdom on May 13th, 2015

"Thoughts, Prayers And Positive Energy! "
by Cynthia M. from New York, NY on May 12th, 2015

"Better Me!!!"
by Happiest and Beautiful girl from India on May 12th, 2015

"Understand How The Power Works And Everything Else Will Fall At Your Feet!!!"
by Miracle child from India on May 12th, 2015

"Me And My Soulmate Part Two! "
by gratitude girl from India on May 12th, 2015

"My Life Turned Magical!"
by Giselle B. from San José, Costa Rica on May 12th, 2015

"2015 The Year of Abundance!"
by Preeti G from Mumbai, India on May 11th, 2015

"Dear Mysterious Stranger."
by HazelEyes from Ontario, Canada on May 11th, 2015

"Discovering The Secret."
by Chaitanya Chembeti from srikalahasti,india on May 11th, 2015

"Samsung Galaxy S5"
by vicky from Johannesburg on May 11th, 2015

"Mother's Day Gift Of Gratitude. "
by Nardia Mc from Devonport, Tasmania AustraliaM on May 11th, 2015

"A Whole New World"
by Bridget from Rochester, MN on May 10th, 2015

"Achieved My Desired Grades With The Secret!"
by Anisah B. from United Kingdom on May 10th, 2015

"The Miracles!"
by Nikita from India on May 10th, 2015

"Just The First Exposure."
by sahal from ethiopia,dire dawa on May 10th, 2015

"An Innocent Faith."
by Rosa medina from miami, fl on May 10th, 2015

"The Magic Worked For Me!!!"
by Nikki O. from Atlanta, GA on May 9th, 2015

"If You Think. "
by Prabhjot Singh from India on May 9th, 2015

"Sometimes Just Having An Idea Is Enough!"
by Rach from India on May 9th, 2015

"I Am Living In The Magic Of Life."
by Gurpreet S from Chandigrah on May 9th, 2015

by Subah from Earth on May 9th, 2015

"How My Life Changed In Just One Year Using LOA."
by Gabe M. from Bulgaria on May 8th, 2015

"I Am Pregnant!!!"
by Nataly R. from Chisinau on May 8th, 2015

"Appreciative. "
by I.M.T. from Hawaiii on May 8th, 2015

"Breathe, Breathe Freely And Be Happy!"
by Anne G from Quezon City, Philippines on May 8th, 2015

"It Really Works!!!!"
by Chester koh from singapore on May 8th, 2015

"Miraculous Healing."
by Miz S from Texas on May 7th, 2015

"Memorable Moment In My Life. "
by Jayashri patil from Hubli India on May 7th, 2015

"My Mega Change Through The Secret Book. "
by Magdalene Y from Port Harcourt, NG on May 7th, 2015

"From Non Believer To Addicted To The Law Of Attraction!"
by Eric from Dublin on May 7th, 2015

"Stop. Ask. Believe. Breathe. Recieve"
by Deepa from Melbourne on May 7th, 2015

"The Magic Rock."
by Joshua D. from Pittsburgh, PA on May 6th, 2015

"My First Flight Journey."
by Raj Gill from India on May 6th, 2015

"Replacement Boots!!"
by Marsha from Toronto, ON on May 6th, 2015

"Manifestation Of My Second Son!"
by n a from london,UK on May 6th, 2015

"Materialized IPhone 6 Gold!"
by Guly P. from Moscow, Russia on May 6th, 2015

"A Magical Life!"
by Somya from Hyderabad, India on May 5th, 2015

"I Believed In My Journey"
by rebecca herbert from birminggam uk on May 5th, 2015

" News From A Reader Of The Magic."
by Nicolas Roussel from France on May 5th, 2015

"Place Of My Own."
by Joseph N. from Nairobi,Kenya on May 5th, 2015

"My Mr. Right!"
by mau from india on May 5th, 2015

"The Secret Does Work For Me!"
by The lucky one from Beijing on May 4th, 2015

"A Lovely Change."
by sipho from durban,kzn on May 4th, 2015

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! "
by Aboubacar souleymane from gaya Niger Rep on May 4th, 2015

"Dreams Do Come True."
by Rosa Nicks from Plainfield NJ on May 4th, 2015

"I Got A Duplex In Return!!"
by Clara Cayetano from Port Harcourt, Nigeria on May 4th, 2015

"The Secret Fee."
by SOURAV MANU from HIMACHAL, INDIA on May 3rd, 2015

"My Magical Gratitude Reminder."
by Sal from India on May 3rd, 2015

"Journey of Once a lost Man"
by Zach Robertson from Phoenix AZ on May 3rd, 2015

"A little bit of comfort"
by Nonnie from South Africa on May 3rd, 2015

"ICSE Results!!!!!!!!!!"
by Savitha Priya.G from Madurai on May 3rd, 2015

"My Dream Come True."
by Lily from London on May 2nd, 2015

"My Soul mate :) "
by YPC from India on May 2nd, 2015

"A Shell of a Lot of Gratitude"
by Fred Wertz from Marin County California on May 2nd, 2015

"I listened to the voice of my Heart."
by Mon from Germany on May 2nd, 2015

"SKY isn't the limit"
by Bhupendar Singh from Chennai,India on May 2nd, 2015

"A Giant Leap to my Perfect Body"
by Andrea A. from Philippines on May 1st, 2015

"So Many Good Experiences, I Can't Choose the Best"
by Linda M from Layton, Utah on May 1st, 2015

"My magical story - and yes the Magic really happened "
by Just Me... from Mumbai , India on May 1st, 2015

"Keep On Keeping On"
by Jasinda from California on May 1st, 2015

"My vision, my changed life."
by Peter C. from Stevens Point, WI on May 1st, 2015

"Faith and Gratitude are the most important "
by Sundu G from Denton TX on Apr 30th, 2015

"Giving gives you more...so start giving!!!!!!!"
by TH24 from Illinois on Apr 30th, 2015

"The Magic got my perfect job!!"
by Tejash Mehta from India on Apr 30th, 2015

by Justin A from Tasmania on Apr 30th, 2015

"My boo"
by Simon Haworth from Manchester, England on Apr 30th, 2015

"A Smile for a Shilling"
by Vikki.B from Northern Territory Australia on Apr 29th, 2015

by Stephanie R. from Bethlehem, PA on Apr 29th, 2015

"Green Flower with Purple Polka Dots"
by Morgan from Florida on Apr 29th, 2015

"Believing that my Dad was not going to die"
by Wanda from Chicago, IL on Apr 29th, 2015

"Unbelievable Love"
by Ivy from Thailand on Apr 29th, 2015

"My new Companion!!!"
by Mitali from India on Apr 29th, 2015

"It Really Works!"
by Jill F from Youngstown OH on Apr 28th, 2015

"Because for me it happened over and over again :)"
by A believer :) from New Delhi on Apr 28th, 2015

"Life filled with joy,energy and love"
by S.P. from India on Apr 28th, 2015

"Found my perfect partner"
by The most happiest girl from India on Apr 28th, 2015

""Have unwaivering faith""
by A from England on Apr 28th, 2015

"Questions answered...What a wonderful Gift...Thank you..."
by Jeff from Southern New Jersey on Apr 27th, 2015

"My New Job"
by AKI from Gampaha, Sri Lanka on Apr 27th, 2015

"If you have any doubts about the Law of Attraction, read this. "
by Abby from Morgantown, WV on Apr 27th, 2015

"Thank you for our pregnancy!"
by Tamsin F from Bristol, UK on Apr 27th, 2015

"Thanks for things to come"
by ireland from ga on Apr 27th, 2015

"I met One Direction!"
by Una from Northern Ireland on Apr 26th, 2015

"Finding my Soul Mate"
by TDR from Manila, Philippines on Apr 26th, 2015

"Got a concrete proof it works : new friend while traveling for office"
by Ajit from Pune, India on Apr 26th, 2015

"Lived like a Queen"
by Neeti Kharbanda from New Delhi, India on Apr 26th, 2015

"The Magic of Stubborn Faith !!!"
by Raaj Rao from Mumbai, India on Apr 26th, 2015

"Getting My New Car"
by Sabrina Johnson from United States on Apr 25th, 2015

"Beautiful Me!"
by J.P from India on Apr 25th, 2015

"The Secret Miracles. "
by Anna from Chicago on Apr 25th, 2015

"Oh My God!"
by Tony A. from Ph on Apr 25th, 2015

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