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Thank You

By Barbara Green
from Jacksonville, FL

Five years ago, my life had crashed around me, so much so that I made a very serious effort to end it. My life up until that point had been a long series of what I termed "train wrecks" anyway. When I awoke in the hospital unspeakably angry that I was still here, raging against God and crying out with everything within me for answers, The Secret fell into my lap. It truly saved my life.

I now have a home that I never thought I would have (my children and I have been homeless twice). My mentally handicapped (schizophrenic), youngest son finished high school near the top of his class. My oldest son, who had been missing since 2004 (also mentally handicapped with the same disorder), was discovered to be alive and well.

I have shared my life for the past three years with a truly magnificent human being who also shares my beliefs. I have received several promotions at work. I have travelled and experienced adventures and joys that I had previously felt were reserved for everyone except me. My life is filled with so much joy I have to pinch myself to ensure that it is really real.

I share The Secret with anyone who is open to listen. I have watched the transformation of other lives blossom. The word is spreading. Everyone that I have introduced the book or DVD to has gone on to share with others also. Thank You. I truly and profoundly believe that you have, in effect, saved humanity.

About Barbara Green from Jacksonville, FL:

I just want to say thank you.

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