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Curing Cancer Using The Secret!

By Bronwynn-Rose S.
from Los Angeles, CA

I am a 22 year old woman using "The Secret" to cure my Stage lV Breast Cancer. On 9/5/06, I was diagnosed with Stage ll Breast Cancer. Within 2 weeks it had progressed to Stage lll. And soon after that, Stage lV. I was receiving chemotherapy, rapidly transitioning into eating a whole foods vegan diet, eliminating stress, meditating, practicing yoga, and many other things with the intention of healing. I gave up cigarrettes, coffee, sugar, dairy, meat and anything processed. However, the tumor in my breast was not budging, and the cancer appeared to be spreading-rapidly.

It was then that someone handed me the movie "The Secret". After watching, I had many revelations. I had anxiously feared dying of cancer since I was 8 or 9 years old. I know now that I was the creator of my dis-ease by subconsciously using the Secret . So, I simply decided that if I could create it, I could also heal it. I looked in the mirror. I told myself I was going to live a long and happy life, 100% Healthy and Cured, until the last breath I take, in a peaceful slumber at the ripe ol' age of 100 years. I said it, I believed it. And so it is.

Within one week, it became clear to me I needed to switch doctors. I was too sick to do the research myself, so I asked a friend to locate someone good. She did. Within 1 week of seeing "The Secret", I started a new set of drugs with a new doctor. And the tumor in my breast shrank down to a mere 20% of the once Mango-sized Monster we began with. Shortly after, ideas of things to Google which had never occured to me before, began to clearly present themselves in my mind. I am now extremely aware of a number of different "alternative methods" for curing Cancer, which I have integrated into my protocol. I focus on 100% Health. I visualize myself Healthy and Whole. I plan my life as if I am already such. And so it is.

Today, just a few months after watching the movie, my cancer is almost gone, I am pain free, my blood is within the "normal" range, I will not be having any kind of surgery at all, and I am filled with a passionate yearning to help people learn how to become 100% Healthy and Cured as well, by using "The Secret".

The power of the Universe/God is unlimited. Any and Everything is possible. We are most definately the creators of our own Universe. Cancer is no exeption. Good luck and God Bless to all who come accross my storyy, in search of hope. But please be careful. If there is even the slightest bit of focus on Death, that is what will come. Relieve your fear of Death. Focus ONLY on this beautiful fleeting moment of Life. I swear, it is possible. Your future, is simply, up to you!

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