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The Universe Loves Me

By Monai
from India

Im a journalist, living in India. Travelling is my only passion. I have always wanted to go to Europe but was unable to afford it.

After reading The Secret last December, I decided to make a wish to the universe. I proclaimed to the universe that I will visit Europe, free of cost in the next 9 months. I believed in this with all my heart, and felt the joy of receiving it to the fullest. In fact I even planned my work in such a way that I could accommodate a few days off in the end of July.

I was not shocked when from out of the blue, a common acquaintance approached me for an international advertisement for a cosmetic company, and the shooting would be done in Europe. I am not a model and I am not skinny, I just have flawless skin and long beautiful hair, thanks to my prayers. Im leaving for Europe at the end of this month.

Please believe in the power vested in you. The universe conspires in mystic ways to give you all that you desire. Give out as much love as you can and never be greedy, just believe that you deserve all the goodness in this world.

About Monai from India:

I'm a strong buddhist believer who believes in The Secret and prays sincerely everyday. I fill my heart with gratitude each day and lift my head in faith without doubting.

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