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Bingo Win

By Kathy M
from United Kingdom

I have been reading The Secret and doing meditations for about a week, and was practicing what it was teaching me on a daily basis.

I was sitting outside with my neighbour on a beautiful hot summer day. She mentioned she was going to bingo that evening and I said if I could find someone to watch my son I would go with her. Her brother said he would watch my son so that I could go.

I went in to make the dinner with my son and told him that I was going to bingo that evening and that the next door neighbour’s brother would be watching him. My son asked if I won, could he get some lego, and I told him that I had already won it and he already had his lego, that he had to believe and think positive and it would become a reality.

I went to bingo that evening and I won £500.00. I was so delighted about the win and could not wait to get home to share the news with my son. When I arrived home I asked him did he truly believe that he had the lego, and he said yes, and when I said that I had won his eyes became as wide as saucers. He said, "Thinking positive really worked." I am delighted that this happened because in the process I am passing on to him that if he believes in something and has faith that he already has it then he will live an abundant life.

The next day I took him out to buy his lego, and I sent some of the money to my son in University, and the rest I put in the bank.

I have also been playing the lottery and have not had a win all year, and when I checked my tickets the day after the win at bingo I had won on them also £24.

The wins have given me some tangible proof that if I apply all the principles and teachings of The Secret then I can have anything I want. I want the abundance in my life and believe that I already have a lot to be grateful for, and will continue on my life's journey so that I may make changes to my world for the better, for myself and for my family.

About Kathy M from United Kingdom:

Single professional mom of two wonderful boys. I enjoy reading, watching TV, and learning as much as I can about The Secret and all its teachings and in turn using them in my day to day life, to change my path into a meaningful one.

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