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Unknown Knowledge

By Lawrence Roberts
from Kent

It is a strange title I have placed but one I think that is true. I did not have a clue about The Secret but having read the book and watching the DVD I now understand what has been unfolding in my life.

Back in 1987 I crashed my brother’s car without him knowing and was not insured. It would cost me £550 to get it fixed before he came back. I had no idea where the money was going to come from. I wrote on a piece of paper 'I will have £550 to fix the car in two weeks'. At the time this was just done to convince myself that I can get it sorted. I read the note over and over. After a couple of days a friend of mine offered to lend me £500 from his savings. I could not believe it. The car was fixed in time.

More has happened then on some really small things. The next biggest thing was in 2005. I was betting (not a good thing). I started off with £20 and said to myself I will double that and I did. The next day I wrote on paper that I want to make £60 and it happened. I did this over 2 weeks and if I lost money I just told myself that I will get that back, and never worried. I made the total up to £2000. I withdrew £500 and made the fatal error. I said to myself now I have done that I bet I lose it all. Slowly the pot was shrinking and with every loss came more doubt. I withdrew the last £400 and could never repeat what I did and could not understand why that was until now.

I have rented out cars and drove them thinking 'I love this car I will get one.' I never had enough money to buy one but somehow it has happened. After sometime I saw another one and liked that type. Would you believe it I got one? Then I wanted one with built in SatNav and I got one. Now I have got another car and I am believing in still another one.

Now I am happy, positive and moving forward, and around June 25 I will have £1.5m (my belief)

Thank you for the book it is wonderful.

Ask and you shall all receive


About Lawrence Roberts from Kent:

I am 40 and live with my lovely wife Lisa and two boys. And knowingly going to be a millionaire.

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