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By Eshwary
from Selangor, Malaysia

Iím not the type that is keen towards lottery and stuff, but I wanted to test how obedient the LOA is as I was facing some financial difficulties at the same time. Gosh! Trust my words, it really happened. At first, I won RM20 lottery. Where for every RM1, I get RM4. Then I realise itís my fault that I only wanted to win a small lottery, so this time I posted RM 3000,000.00 (FIRST PRIZE).

Time passed by, and things seemed no different, but I kept telling myself that since it is kind of a big amount of money, the Universe needs time for shipping. ITS ON THE WAY TO ME. In fact, I keep the lottery ticket in a special envelope called the ''magical envelope' - I named it so. I filled the empty column at the back of the ticket as though Iím going to collect the money and return it.

A WEEK AGO MY IMAGINATION OF JUMPING IN HAPPINESS CAME TRUE. It was really like a dream. I KEPT pinching my arm again and again. ITíS REAL. I WON THE LOTTERY OF 300,000. I know I didnít win as much as 3 million but itís good enough. IíM HAPPY AND THANKFUL! THANK YOU RHONDA... THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU UNIVERSE.

About Eshwary from Selangor, Malaysia:

MBA student

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