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Telling my own future - manifestation method

By Peyton
from Co. Down

I know this is long - but do read it! It's not a story, it's a method. I hope it works for you.

I read The Secret a long time ago, but it never seemed to stick. A while ago, I decided I was really going to make it work. I read the book, watched the DVD, and listened to the audio book constantly. I really feel like I fully understand it now.

Anyway, after manifesting a few small things I tried to attract what I had in my mind as big, big deals. It didn't work. Eventually I got fed up of wishing for them to come.

If you're having the same problem, I really recommend you try this. On March 10th, I wrote out a diary entry for April 3rd. I didn't just say how I wanted my life to be - I said how it *is.* Instead of writing that I had a perfect boyfriend, I wrote what I did with him that day - the same thing with my friends, and my clothes, and everything I wanted to attract. It's not general, as in 'I have nice clothes' or 'I have good friends.' It's specific to me, where I live, and what I can realistically see myself doing.

I can't begin to put into words how much this has helped. It's totally eliminated any doubt I had. We're always told to just relax and let the universe do its job, and this has allowed me to do that. I know like I know like I know that come April 3rd, this is how my life will be. I'm not rereading it every night; in fact, I've put it away and I won't even look at it til that date. Now that I KNOW this is what's going to happen, I'm completely relaxed. I totally believe. It's a great feeling; I know I'm not blocking it with my thoughts; I don't feel any doubt because there's no way possible that this *won't* come true.

Try it! I really hope it'll work for you. Remember to make the details specific to you - if you have a favourite cafe, write that you're meeting new friends there that day. If there's a concert you want to go to, say your tickets arrived that day. It really is just like telling your own future.

About Peyton from Co. Down:

Normal 16 year old girl who's managing to get through her GCSEs thanks to The Secret!

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