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Money comes easily and frequently.

By Petrina D
from Melbourne Vic

A year ago my friend Sky gave me and my husband The Secret DVD.
I wanted to know what it was all about so we went home that night and watched it.

Things started to make sense. I now know why. I was bringing all the things that I did not want into my life. I decided that night that I was going to focus only on the things that I wanted. I wanted more wealth prosperity in my life and decided to put The Secret to the test.

Everyday I would say to myself: "Money comes easily and frequently" and "I find money everywhere". Three days passed and I didn't see any signs, but I stayed focused on what I wanted and kept saying my positive affirmations and visualizing my self with the money in my hand.

2 days later my husband and I went on holiday to Paris for Christmas and New Years 2009. On New Years Eve we were walking back to our hotel at about 2.00am, when I looked down on the ground and found 50 euros. (In Australian dollars 50 euros is equal to 100 dollars.) I was so excited and so grateful and thankful at the very moment for the gift that I had received. I yelled out loud, thank you, thank you universe, I love you.

After that amazing and wonderful New Years Eve, I started finding money everywhere.

Now when I walk to work in the morning I find money - sometimes 2 dollars, sometimes 50 dollars. If you ask, believe and know in your heart that you will receive, then as it is said in The Secret, "your wish is my command".

Thank you, thank you, to all The Secret team and Rhonda Byrne for bring The Secret to the world. It has changed my life and my husband’s. You are the love and light within us.

About Petrina D from Melbourne Vic:

I am a dental nurse,and a passionate singer.
I am so grateful and thankful for my life.

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