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From broke to multi-millionaire

By Mr T.
from Maui Hawaii

It took nearly 5 years from the moment I read The Secret, but by using the power of positive thought in an advancing way I was able to amass an 8 figure sum of wealth.

I used to work on film sets, dabbled in independent film and then filmed weddings. I felt like this life wasn't for me and it ate at me every day to not be living my dream. I focused, visualized, and used the Science of Getting Rich to get everything I wanted and more. I now own a $27,000,000 home on Maui, drive my dream cars and married a European model. My $4 million yacht is a ten minute drive away, I fly first class and have been to more countries than I can name, and I surf every day. I built a music studio in my house, make films, and do everything I desire.

My life is perfect.

About Mr T. from Maui Hawaii:


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