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Manifest a Sweepstakes Win!

By Maria and Joseph
from Weston, Colorado

I've always been lucky at sweepstakes and have won about $100,000 worth of sweepstakes winnings over the past 20 years. The biggest and most needed sweepstakes I had won was a 4-wheel drive pickup truck. My husband and I combined manifestation forces to win.

We needed a 4-wheel drive to be able to travel in the challenging Colorado weather. I asked my husband for the desired specifications and then told him we would have the car in a few months. The next day I saw an ad to win the truck of our dreams. We went to the store, bought a canned drink that had a picture of the truck on the side and entered the sweeps. Yes, we won!

We picked the winning car and arrived home just before a big snow storm hit Denver.

Focus, find a visual or mental representation of what you want and practice manifestation. We wish you luck!

Now, we're working on manifesting children. Wish us luck!

About Maria and Joseph from Weston, Colorado:

Maria is a public school librarian in Weston, Colorado. Joseph is a computer technician and network administrator. They manifested each other.

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