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The "signs" that the Law of Attraction does work!

By Kelly J.
from Chicago, Illinois

One year ago, a colleague and I had mentioned to each other that we were both interested in reading The Secret. We were not ready to start the school year and wanted a more positive outlook on things. She went and bought us the Audio CD version to listen to on our drive to work each day.

I was very intrigued with what I learned about The Secret and how the Law of Attraction is always at work. However, I didn't live The Secret to the fullest, and as time went on, I reverted back to my old ways of thinking and living.

Recently, I decided that I needed to give it another listen and try to really live The Secret to the fullest. This time through, as I was listening to the chapters on CD, I noticed that at times in my life, I had been living The Secret and didn't even realize it!

For example, as the chapter was playing about the vision board and how after years of having it packed away, the man realized he was living in the exact house he had visualized, I pulled into the parking lot of my condo and realized I had done the same thing! When my husband and I were looking to move, we drove by our building and at the time thought it was too expensive, but I kept envisioning our condo to look like that. Months passed, and we ended up getting a great deal on a unit in the exact building we had driven by before!

Later that day, I was listening to the part that said “even if you are wishing something not to happen, the universe reads that as though you do want it to happen.” The law of attraction doesn't understand negation. It dawned on me that this happened to my husband!

He is also a teacher and one of his former students was working at a restaurant in our area where the waitresses wear "skimpy" uniforms. He was mortified when we went in one day and he saw his student there. For months, if we went back to the restaurant he made me go in and pick up the food. She was never there. But every once in a great while, my husband would go in to pick up our order, and sure enough, she was always working! He kept telling himself, "I hope I don't see her, I hope I don't see her." But the universe was hearing " I hope I see her!" The Law of Attraction at work again.

Lastly, as recently as today, I found out that a student in my class has a very contagious infection. I had been doing really well thinking positively and living The Secret each day, but this news made me start thinking thoughts about catching the infection, and how sick I could get, etc. As I was leaving school and getting in my car to drive home, the CD started on the next chapter, and of course, it was the chapter on health and using The Law of Attraction to stay healthy! Another sign that the Secret is real and does work!!

I instantly stopped thinking negative thoughts about my student and told myself how healthy and strong I am. All these "signs" lately have proven to me how powerful this really is and reaffirmed to me how I really need to live The Secret every day!

About Kelly J. from Chicago, Illinois:

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I have taught first grade for 12 years. I have a wonderful husband who I've been married to for 3 years and a dog who is like a child to me.

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