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Lottery Winner!!!!!!!!

By Kenny V.
from Toronto, ON

So I just graduated from the Toronto Film School and I was unemployed and not really motivated in any way to look for a job because i KNEW it would come to me. Even tho I had never seen The Secret, my mother and I have been working with a spiritual healer or a psychic for a long time. She was always so positive and I was constantly amazed at what she would tell us. I've always known to look for "signs" in my daily life, but I always assimilated it with God and assumed it wasnt under my control.

I was always told by this healer that I have to think positive all the time. And as long as I did, everything would be perfectly fine.
This was obviously hard to wrap my head around as a result this was not the first time I had been told to do this. I was so naively looking at it from a "wishful thinking" perspective.

Anyways, after seeing The Secret EVERYTHING CLICKED!! My entire life made sense all of a sudden and the order of everything made all the sense in the universe!!! I had never felt so energetic and motivated and happy in my entire life!!! Also, The spiritual healer confirmed this even more and told me this was what she does and this is what she is about!!!! Truly a gift from God!!

After watching The Secret many times, I made it my goal to receive a $10 million cheque. I didnt know how I would get it, but I knew I would!! I printed off the cheque they provide on this site!

After meditating, celebrating I had already won the money and Thanking the Universe for my gift I found myself talking to my mother on the phone. I told her to buy a lottery ticket. It didnt matter which one or what time she got it, because I had already won the money!!

Well low and behold...the draw was the very next day, as they always draw the winners on a Friday and this was a Thursday.

WE WON THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE SECRET WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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