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Follow your bliss, and you will follow the road to abundnce on all levels.

By Tarryn T
from Cape town South Africa

On my 17th birthday 1999, I manifested a sharp pain in my neck so strong that I had to hold my neck when I walked. One year later, the pain spread throughout my body and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctors where at a loss for words at the severity of the disease. But it was nothing more than deep emotional pain I had felt most of my life, become manifest. By the age of 20, I was in a wheelchair.

In the year 2004 I had a short but intense love affair with an Italian man. It ended within a year but, our relationship ignited a deep desire in me to go to Italy. I wanted to go so badly that I thought about going to Italy more than I thought about walking again. I had always read and believed in the power of the mind, but things all came together when in August 2007 I watched The Secret.

From that day on, every time I saw an Italian flag, I thought 'I am going there', I even started to learn the language, because I knew I would be going. I wanted to go so badly but I was in a wheelchair, without work (hence no money) and nobody to go with me.
In August I decided to let go of my ex by saying an affirmation 'him or someone better is coming along.' In Sep, I met an Italian guy online (facebook) and we clicked immediately. At that time of my life, I was having so much fun with my friends and my life was truly joyous.

In Jan 2008, my Aunt said she that would pay for a ticket to Italy and I convinced my mom to go with me. I made contact with my ex, and he agreed to host us in Rome. At the same time, I got a message from an unknown number telling me that this person had some news about my health, something that could help me. It was from a girl Iíd met years ago, who lived in France. One catch, the medicine was a trial and couldnít be posted to me. I told her I would be in Rome in June, and she just 'happened' to be going there at the same time, with her (Nobel winning virologist) boss. We scheduled to meet.

Two weeks before departing for Rome, my ex stopped answering my calls!!!
I was a bundle of nerves! Looking for a place to stay in Rome was a nightmare, but I found a hotel that Massimo (the guy i'd been writing to) and I could stay. While he was checking us in, I told him that I would wait for him at a cafè close by to the hotel. He was hesitant to leave me on my own but eventually went. As I sat drinking my coffee in the heart of Rome, my ex boyfriend walked right passed my table!!!!! He was holding hands with another woman but never saw me. Can you imagine the odds? Rome is HUGE!!!! Then and there, I had my answer about him.

I began my treatment, and when it was finished, they invited me to stay on in Italy!!! The medication and treatment have helped, but the doctors say that my only hope is to have 4 joint replacements. I donít belive that. I've always believed that my body can heal itself, so Iím going to do it before the scheduled ops.
In the meantime, I live in luxury in the middle of the Italian woods (I made it clear in my mind before leaving home, that I would). Iím treated to great food, staff and daily massages. My story has appeared in the newspapers. I've dined with ministers of Italy, and some of the most famous musicians, been on holiday in Sicily, and friends and people I have met send me gifts constantly. The op will be done by two of the best surgeons in Europe. ALL THIS FOR FREE!!! And best of all my boyfriend only lives 2 hrs away, and he is more wonderful than I could have imagined.

I will go home walking. I believe that a deep desire is put in our hearts by God, and we must follow our bliss. I had no idea that a yearning to come to Italy, had all this in store for me. I have always been a positive person. I have always been grateful. I have always given to others and tried to make people feel better about themselves.

Now it's time to take care of myself. It's time for me to walk!

Thank you to all the Secret team, thank you to all who have written books that have inspired me. Thank you Tarryn, for being courageous. Thank you God.

About Tarryn T from Cape town South Africa:

I am a 26 yr old South African woman who is currently in Italy. I spend most of my day, trying to figure out the mind of God. And my greatest joy is speaking about the power we have within us.

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