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The Power of Positive Thinking

By Stooooo
from Philadelphia, PA

My wife started working at a camp this summer. This was her first trip back into the working world after being home for almost 6 years raising our 3 kids.

The first week of camp was a very long week of training. It was during this week that I was able to watch The Secret over and over again. Anyway everyday she would come home from training, being totally drained and wanting to give up. Even though by her working at the camp our kids would be able to attend for free. Me sitting at home watching The Secret, would greet her with a very positive attitude. Encouraging her to look at the positive in this job.

Needless to say she made it through the training week and has enjoyed working at the camp greatly. It has also allowed her to reconnect with her spritual side as one of the practices at the camp is daily prayer sessions.

The best part of it all (and this is where The Secret really kicks in) since she started working at this camp, she has had 4 or 5 different job offers, by people whose kids attend the camp. They keep saying to her they see her positive attitude and want her to be apart of their company.

The Law of Attraction, really does work.

All the best,

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