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All Good Things Come To Me (Always)

By Assana Lloyd
from Bronx, NY

I just want to start by saying,"Thank You" to "Tanya" for introducing me to the Secret years after I had heard about it on Oprah. I appreciate life so much more now, and remind myself and others to embrace every aspect of our existence. Iíve seen the movie and read the book. I have a vision board, cheques from The Bank of the Universe and have absorbed the Optimist Creed!

Today, I went or my first driving lesson in like 6 years , I received money (almost $4,000), I opened up a "Hello Kitty" account ,which was something Iíve wanted to do for so long. I called the gym to get an update on my membership and was offered a spectacular deal to buy out my contract! Life is just so phenomenal for me! Iím so excited about conquering the resolutions I set this year and just making the most out of every day.

Work had been a drag but now it is coming along great! A lot of doors are opening up for me and the future is looking so much brighter. My co-workers love me! Theyíre supporting me in my new business plan and reminding me how fabulous I am.

My family is healthy and thriving and we're getting ready to move into a fancy new apartment close to everything.

I can go on and on, but Iím just gonna finish by saying "GOD is GOOD, all the time!" Love yourself and be thankful for everything you have and you will draw unto you ANYTHING your heart desires.......

About Assana Lloyd from Bronx, NY:

Young, Black, And Famous! Single, 26 year old, mother Of a 10 year old Son and 5 year old daughter and recently adopted cat, "Nala-Imani". I work @ A Bank and I see money come and go all the time, I love my life, my family, friends and my children. *I believe*

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