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By Jacqui
from Belleville, IL

After reading about The Secret in the paper about a year and a half ago, I went out and bought the book. My first experience with The Secret was when two of my daughters were preparing to go on a Mission trip. I was spending bill money to buy things they required for the trip. My 13 year old and I prayed and asked God and the universe to send a financial blessing. Just ten minutes later, I received a call on my cell from my friend saying,"I won some money. I got $500. For you!" I could not believe it! Ten minutes!

After a while, I sort of forgot to apply the Secret EVERY DAY in my life. Negative things started happening to me and I became depressed. I got injured and required three surgeries and nine months of rehabilitation. But, I had plenty of time to read and re-read The Secret.

I take the book everywhere I go. I created a Vision Board and started meditating on what I want, what I deserve. In the past, I had a problem believing I deserve good things to happen to me. My advice to you is to keep reading and keep watching the film until you BELIEVE you deserve good things in life.

Today, I practice the Secret daily. I try to find joy in everything. I look at the glass as half full instead of the way I used to think - half empty. After years of trying to get child support from my ex-husband, I am getting my checks regularly. Also, I got a raise in my support payments without even asking for a modification. I am receiving my checks on time and getting more money than I ever thought possible! This from the man who would quit his job every time child support caught up with him! Life is GOOD!

Just last week I thought of asking my father if I could use his credit card to buy myself a new coat, and I would repay him after Christmas. Since I spent my money on my children. Something told me not to ask for any money, to apply the Secret and watch what happens. Well, my dad called me to come over that he had something for me. This past Friday he gave me a check for $125.00! He said to spend it on myself. I told my kids, the Secret really works!

Today (Sunday) a friend asked me for a loan for $80.00. I gladly helped out. A couple of hours later, at church (this morning) a friend came up to me and handed me an envelop without saying a word. Inside was a check for $300.00 for Christmas! See, I told myself I will lend and not borrow. I am a MONEY MAGNET, and money comes to me effortlessly, easily, and frequently!

This is only the beginning. For Christmas, I'm asking the universe (wrote out a blank check and put it in my wallet) for $5,000. I know it is on its way! My children are believers now! I no longer worry where the money is going to come from. I know God and the Universe are rewarding my FAITH.

Like I mentioned before, if you have a hard time being joyful and in gratitude, keep reading until it sinks in so far you can't think of anything else. Tell yourself failure is NOT an option. You will hear from me again soon! My life is just beginning. For I have great plans for my children and myself!

About Jacqui from Belleville, IL:

I'm a divorced mother of three currently working on Masters degree.

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