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Follow Your Bliss!

By K Joseph Samarra
from Montes Carpatus

A year ago, I had the desire to write a screenplay for a motion picture. From the moment I began writing, I was consumed by a bliss I hadn’t felt since I was seven years old - that was the year I, along with the rest of the world, experienced the cinematic phenomenon of Star Wars. I spent hours making my own home movies using my dad’s 8mm camera, knowing that one day I would make a movie like Star Wars that would change the world!

In college, I stopped listening to that child’s voice and studied computer science. However, I was introduced to the mythology lectures of Professor Joseph Campbell. His teachings enraptured me, just like my childhood dreams of filmmaking. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that George Lucas was a student of Joe’s, and based Star Wars on his teachings.

When I met my wife and had kids, I, put aside Campbell and focused on my loving family. Now, at the height of my career, I am following my true bliss… filmmaking. As I was writing the first draft of the script, it was as if someone else’s fingers were typing. The words flowed from my soul.

Once finished, I knew the next step was to get the movie made. Suddenly, people started appearing in my life - cinematographers, special effects wizards, producers, and even financiers! What I didn’t know then was that I was using The Secret to attract them all to me. It was like magic. So, with the help of a fantastic producer, I have finished and submitted a budget to my backers.

I have also been reunited with Joseph Campbell. I've joined his foundation and discovered that I, just like George Lucas, had structured my screenplay around his teachings - though I didn’t do it consciously.

Simultaneously, I came across Rhonda’s book and DVD. It was as if once I began to follow my bliss, I attracted all the tools I needed to move forward with my dream… including The Secret.

This is a very exciting time for me as I transition into my new career and learn how to ‘consciously’ use this extraordinary gift from the Universe. I am so thankful for this awakening that is rooted in all the wondrous things from my youth.

Now, follow YOUR bliss, and use The Secret to help you along your journey.

About K Joseph Samarra from Montes Carpatus:

Born the year we landed on the moon, my destiny has always been in space. I am the loving husband of a most extraordinary woman who completes me in ways I cannot express. Together, we can accomplish anything. The proof is in our two amazing boys, who proclaim that they will be the first men to walk on Mars – and I believe they will!

I have been an enthusiastic computer engineer (geek) for over two decades, and am now walking a new and exciting career path as a filmmaker. My first film will be released in IMAX 3D in 2012, the year the first commercial space station opens its doors to the public.

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