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My life is finally turning around

By T Holness
from London, UK

I'd had a particularly bad day in early 2008, when later that evening I was at my friend's house. I was browsing her collection of books when I came across one entitled 'Law of Attraction'. I sat down and started to read, and I can safely say that my life has not been the same since. My friend firmly believed in it and also told me of 'The Secret', on which the book had been founded.

I was in so much debt I dreaded looking at my balance and opening my bills. The last straw was when my bank charged me amazingly high unplanned overdraft fees. I told myself that I will attract some money into my life. That very day I looked online to see how much I could potentially earn if I applied for a better job. I noticed that I was on the wrong tax code. When I checked it out properly, I had actually been on emergency tax for over two years. I was so overjoyed as I knew I was owed this money in a lump sum. Which I received only a few weeks ago!

I also started to positively visualise what I wanted to change in my life. At that time I felt I was undervalued in work, and I was also sick and tired of living in a one bedroom flat with my daughter. I applied for a job at another school, I was given an interview, and I was also offered the job. Both the head and science head said they were very impressed with the way I had interviewed. I did not accept the offer but instead asked for 24 hours to think about it.

The very next day the head at my current job asked to see me. He offered to match whatever the other school were offering as well as offering me the deputy head of science job. He said he didn't realise how much I did and I suddenly felt valued by him. I stayed at the school and I am now a middle manager in a great school.

I also visualised living in my own home that I owned. I was fed up of paying rent to nasty landlords. As a teacher I was eligible for a keyworker scheme. After many hard months of rejections, waiting, and anxiety, I found a semi detached 2 bed home. I had placed a post stick note on the side of my bed saying 'I am in the process of attracting my ideal home', which I would read each night. I got it cheaper than normal due to the failing property sector. Due to my bad credit I was really doubtful of being offered a mortgage, but I changed my attitude, visualised the mortgage offer and living in the home I had seen. Well guess what? I did miraculously get a mortgage during the current 'credit crunch'! The valuation of my home was completed yesterday and I will be moving in to my beautiful new home by the end of October!

I am excited even more now that I have found this website. I have ordered the book and will be watching the film very soon!

About T Holness from London, UK:

I am a 27 year old single mother. I live and work in London as a secondary science teacher.

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