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There's no such thing as a coincidence

By Mark Thompson
from Cheshire, England

Long story short, our small dog, Brandy, a 13 year old terrier, was lost by a relative in Matlock, Derbyshire. Sue and I were sixty miles away and took our relative's upset call: "Something terrible's happened. Brandy is gone."

This may not seem much. A lost dog is not a life's work. Or is it? It's Brandy's life, no? The thing is, we live about 40 miles from there, and she is a nervy, skittish dog who will only come to us. We headed over with sinking feelings.

When we arrived she hadn't been found. We searched the town all day, getting sightings and following them up, only to get to the spot and seeing nothing of her. Ten or more times she was seen, and we drove or ran to it, but she was gone. By eleven o'clock that night it was dark, Brandy had been gone for twelve hours, and we felt hopeless.

We spent the night in the car in a car park she had been seen in more than once. We hoped she would come back, becoming anxious and fearful we had truly lost her. We got maybe 3 hours sleep. Morning came, no sign. Brandy had moved on. But we were 40 miles from home, and if we didn't find her, that 13 year old dog was going to die, mostly because she would not let herself get caught.

Sue and I drove to a service station for breakfast. "What shall we do?" We looked at each other. "We will find Brandy," we said. Our fears changed in that moment, and moved with purpose and direction. Sue made little notes with our mobile number and Brandy's name on, which we passed out to those we saw. Sue's friend came up from Leicester and helped. I drove round, ranging out to 10 miles away from Matlock, just driving and stopping people. One person I stopped (the only person I stopped who was on a bike) seemed concerned and said he would pass it on to his parents, who would be out and about that day.

We continued to search and could not find her. We began to speak out loud to Brandy. "We are here, come to us, help us universe to find our dog. Brandy, I can see you in my arms, tired but happy."

We could not find Brandy. By early afternoon, we needed rest and food, and more resources. We drove home 40 miles and ate. Sue started working on a flyer on the computer. Then, I received a call. "It's Mr. ***. You stopped my son this morning on his bike. I think we've just seen your dog."

Ten miles from Matlock, heading vaguely in the direction we lived, were some hills and villages ranging up from a river. The road crossed the river and was the only crossing point between there and Matlock. While we drove like mad people back the 40 miles, this kind soul (who could not catch Brandy) went to the pub at the river bridge and asked the people sitting outside to keep a watch for Brandy, knowing she could only cross there. We arrived, now late afternoon, and met up with this kind man. He showed me where he'd seen Brandy, and I searched that area over and over. No Brandy.

Strangely more sure, we determined to stay over. Sue began posting her flyers. She gave a flyer to the pub at the bridge. We then checked into that same pub to continue the search in the morning. We went for fish & chips. The phone rang. It was the pub landlady. "Brandy is outside the pub."

Ten minutes later we were back there. Now we were running over the meadows next to the river, trying to catch up to the kind pub landlady who was trailing Brandy with some ham. Two of the people from the pub were trying to corral her into a crook of the river. There she was! Head set with a dogged look, she was trotting through the meadow, almost hidden by the tall grass. We shouted, but she is deaf and didn't hear. I ran to her, but she was dazed and exhausted and didn't realise it was me - she bolted. We gave chase. Ten minutes later, herded into a corner, she dived off the bank and into the water... I skidded over the edge and grabbed her...

We had her. And then she was in Sue's arms, dazed, suddenly realising who had got her, and happy.

Now, think of the amazing series of coincidences and decisions that got her back. The distance she had travelled, the area she had got to - we would never have found her. But when we started drawing her to us, seeing her in our arms, this started into action an amazing series of events that meant we could do nothing other than find her.

Now I have read The Secret, Sue and I know its power. Both Sue and I work in the development arena, Sue in women's empowerment, me in leadership and true personal power. We have the opportunity to share these secrets! Watch out universe! We're SO grateful we're going to be asking some more from you!

About Mark Thompson from Cheshire, England:

I'm a 'people' consultant - I spend time with companies enabling them to make dramatic and lasting change to how they do business through people. This may be in the arenas of leadership, engagement, or other development media.

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