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My son hugged me and said, "This is about love, Mom."

By Dana
from United States

My husband helps people and does healing. He has a gift and never reads anything. It is just a knowing form God. He has always taught me so much about energy, but for some reason I could not hear so much of what he said. I could see all that he did for people and I loved it, but some things just seemed so "out there". Now I know this was just because of what I learned and was taught my whole life. My lack of understanding was no doubt affecting our relationship though.

One day my Mom bought me this book and DVD The Secret, and it really changed my life in more ways than I could even explain here. I finally for the first time really "GOT IT" about energy and how it works. I finally could understand what my husband had been trying to help me with for years. It was amazing! The Secret is done beautifully so anyone can understand.

When I was watching it my five year old came by me sat down and put his arm around me and said, "Mom, this is about love." He smiled the sweetest smile of "knowing" what is was all about from deep within his soul the whole time we sat on the floor and watched together. He patted my back and was truly happy. I know he was happy because Mom was finally getting it! (He already knew all about this :)

TO make a long story short my world has truly opened up to so much inspiration and clarity spiritually, personally, financially - in every area. It is now a passion of mine.

Shortly after I attracted into my life an actual business of Law Of Attraction and Personal development. It has changed my life financially. I can now stay home with my kids and have financial freedom and live a life of fun and spend quality time with my family.

Thanks to The Secret for opening up all the doors of understanding for me. I journal every day, and looking back my life is completely different, and inside my heart I am so happy and filled with so much love and gratitude and a lightness about life that I know I am creating the life I Love!

Thank you all of you from The Secret, and to Rhonda (and to my husband) for starting it all!! You are really helping people BIG time all over the world in the most important ways of all!

About Dana from United States:

I am a Mom who is passionate about my kids and husband and creating a life of gratitude, love, and fulfillment every day. I am a personal development advisor and help people to improve their lives personally and financially through a business based on personal development and the Law Of Attraction. I would have never found this business if it wasn't for The Secret. My background is skin care. I am a make up artist, aesthetician, fitness trainer, and business owner. I love photography, fitness, whole food organics, being outdoors with my family, reading personal development books, and journaling/writing.

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