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The 100 dollar bill.

By Greg H
from Clearwater, FL

I watched The Secret with my wife, we had some great discussions about it and I was just so struck by how much it all made sense. I wanted to share it with a friend of mine that I knew would appreciate it, and I watched it again with him. During the movie at the part about starting small with a cup of coffee, I said, "I can make a cup of coffee, what I want is a 100 dollar bill." Specifically a 100 dollar bill, and it couldn't be from regular pay.

For the next few days I would picture the 100 dollar bill. I would close my eyes with my hands in front of me like I was holding it and popping the bill. I could SEE Ben Franklin! Now and then I would touch my pocket and think how nice it was to have this bill in my pocket. Ya know that feeling you have when you have money in your pocket?

That was last Saturday night. I did all that for a week. Not ever doubting it. You could have expected me to just pull the thing out of my pocket... haha

One week to the day I was at my bosses house and we were going over some things, when he handed me 5 brand new 100 dollar bills. Just unexpected, and not part of my pay!

I could not believe it. It wasn't like I asked for a hundred dollars...I asked for a 100 dollar bill, and here in my hands are 5 brand new, shiny, Ben Franklin 100 dollar bills. Not 20s or 50s or a check, but 5 100 dollar bills!

So I immedietly started saying to myself, "Ok, I want 5 100 dollar bills...." Hahaha!

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! It really does work!!

About Greg H from Clearwater, FL:

I am a graphic artist and I work for the Titanic.

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