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By Elaine J.
from Wabasha, MN

I have been studying the Secret for over a year now, and in all reality since about 1994, when I had a most amazing experience with an energy healer and started studying wicca, I have seen the power of thought over and over again - but never this quick! I must be getting better at it.

My life partner had a nervous breakdown... no really, he did. He had to leave his job and he couldn't work for a long time. I gladly took care of our finances while he went to therapy and group meetings and such. I have a good job, so we were not hurting at all. But after about a year of this I thought, what am I doing? I can still live like we have a second income... I can manifest it.

I didn't want to get a second job and I didn't want my life partner to go back to work yet, but I decided to ask the universe for an extra 2,000.00 per month. I wrote it out on the Universal Check and I taped it on my desk at work so that I saw it every day.

10 days later we get a notice in the mail... my life partner qualified for his navy pension of 1000.00 per month. And they wanted to pay us back pay... enough to pay off our house and car and a few other bills, bringing the total to 2,140.00 per month of extra income - without me getting a second job, without my honey having to go to work!!!! 10 days later!!!!

We had no idea that the pension was being looked at by my life partner's vet officer. Wow.

About Elaine J. from Wabasha, MN:

Happy mother of 3, step mother to two, and grandmother to 6. Living with my life partner and best friend. I enjoy smiling and creating happiness and laughter all around me. Oh, and I love to cook!

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