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By Iris
from Quezon City, Philippines

It all started last January 18, 2003. That was the time my Dad passed away. Being a bank employee, my salary is not really commensurate to my lifestyle. Even if I was already working at that time, my Dad still provided for us. So reality struck us that he moved on to another life, so to speak.

After 3 months of mourning, my brother lost his job. He was retrenched by the company he was working with because the investors are thinking of fleeing the country due to economic turmoil. Then, 3 months after my brother was jobless, I was hospitalized because I was bleeding and I needed a job transfusion.

Our finances were dwindling. I cannot even support myself, because credit card bills are piling up. All we have aside from my salary are the donations we received during the wake of my father. But bills kept on coming to us. Sometimes, when I thought I already had enough money, another bill would come, and so on and so forth.

Then, one time, a Prayer Warrior came to us. She was introduced to us by a friend of my Mom. But during those times it was only my Mom and sister who attended the Bible Study in our house. I never noticed our Prayer Warrior... I only greeted her in a "hi" and "hello" manner. In fact, I felt resentment towards God because He took away my Dad. Every time we go to the cemetery I feel resentment, and I started to question why my father passed away. I was looking for answers. The advice of my friends and office mate did not take away the pain I was feeling. At that time I was also feeling like not coming back to work. I even enumerated all the excuses I could give so that I have to take a leave... vacation leave and sick leave combined.

It was in December 2003 when my brother was accepted in an airline company as a computer programmer. I also applied for immigration to Canada so that I could escape the pain. At this point my Canadian application is still in process, and I'm still waiting for feedback from the Canadian embassy.

But after 2003, we are already recovering from the loss. I have a friend from abroad who kept on sending me $100.00 every month to take care of my cellphone bills. Then, I became a regular staff in one of our branches in Quezon City. I also assumed higher responsibility in the banking firm I'm working. I became a senior staff of the branch. And I believed that life is really good at that point.

Fast-forward to March 2007. I was diagnosed to have stage 1A cancer of endometrium. I thought it was the end of me. I started attending the Bible study and my spiritual adviser told me to CLAIM MY HEALING. I made a mental note and of course with the help of our Creator, I know that healing will come naturally. And it did. I was operated by the best doctors that I requested. My papers prior to my operation were processed, and after a year of monthly check ups my appointment with the oncologist was reduced to every 2 months.

I attended a customer service seminar last December 2007, and our trainer told us that we should read THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne. In fact, her discussion was based on the book. She even applied THE SECRET when it comes to handling customers. She summarized the book as "power of the mind," but in her own way she put it as "power of positive thinking."

Before I even read the book, I had a feeling that THE SECRET speaks about mind power... I experienced that when I expressed my intention to apply for Officership Training Program. I claimed that I would pass the screening. I started with small things, like looking for a sign. In fact, one time, I said to myself before going to the screening, if I saw at least 1 white dog on my way, I'm going to make it. Voila! I saw not only 1, but 6 white dogs in different areas that I passed. And before the screening, I can sense that I'm going to make it. To my surprise the panelist was one of my mentors, and I know that it will be my lucky day. While I was being interviewed, I can sense that I already made it. I already visualized myself being congratulated by the panelists.

After the panel interview, they told me that I pass the screening and they are expecting me for the classroom training. Although some people told me that I have to do good with the classroom training, I know I can make it, especially now that I've read THE SECRET. But I cannot reveal what I'm thinking at the moment... I will reveal it as soon as I get the results.

But at this moment, I visualized that this story will be published in this site...

About Iris from Quezon City, Philippines:

I'm Iris, single, 34 years of age. I live with my Mom, brother, and sister. My Dad passed away 5 years ago due to aneurysm and stroke. I'm also a cancer-survivor, diagnosed with stage 1A endometria adecarcinoma... and that is where my story begins...

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