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Think like a child

By Suzanne Hannan
from Ireland

As a child I thought the world was a magnificent place, full of wonder and opportunity. I used to dream every night about meeting my prince and becoming a successful singer. As the years went by and I moved from childhood into adulthood, well, I started to lose myself. My dreams started to fade and I no longer felt that magnificent excitement about life as I did previously as a child. After losing 3 important people in my life (2 family members and a dear friend), I began to think that life was not on my side and I questioned how I would ever live again with the heartache. Thankfully I found many self-help books and I discovered my spiritual side. From there I began to find myself and realise that life could be exciting again. I realised that all I needed to do was believe in life instead of seeing life as the enemy.

I discovered that I could sing and write poetry and that I had so much to say but was never given an opportunity as a child to be vocal and speak my mind. I had to internalize every last thought as a child. Little did I know that this lack of expression would later fuel my passion for poetry & song. For many years I was voice-less and then through poetry I found my voice, through music I found my joy, hence why now I yearn to sing to the world and share my joy of expression.

The moral of this story is that Life should be looked at like how a child looks at life. When I think of my dreams as a kid, I can immediately feel that desire in my gut to live life and see the world in all its glory. I always knew the truth of the world and that I was connected to everything, but I just didn't want to say it out loud for fear that people would mock me. When The Secret was presented to me it was like all my visions as a child had been given back to me and I could see clearly again.

I just want to thank The Secret for giving me my joy back and for letting me see the light once again.

S :-)

About Suzanne Hannan from Ireland:

I am a 28 year old Irish woman, with a lust for life and a lust for success. I want to be the best that I can be and seize every opportunity that life can offer me. I am thankful for discovering The Secret and I'm grateful for all the wonderful people that took time out to compile this brilliant DVD and Audios. Thank you Rhonda Byrne for bringing The Secret to life and for being kind enough to share it with the world for those of us who have been in the dark all this time. Thank you

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