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My learning of the Law of Attraction

By Patrick
from Englewood, CO

My name is Patrick and my life is one of many miracles, including The Secret. When I was in seventh grade at the age of thirteen I attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of the light-rail train near my school. It has been a personal story that my family and I have kept low key for a long time. Now I feel as though I need to express how far I've come based on The Secret, and the Law of Attraction.

If the train had moved about three inches more over my chest it would have crushed my sternum and rib cage and I would be dead. Three inches. I did not know about The Secret at the time, but I feel now that something inside me told me to live just to find it. I spent six long months in recovery healing, and in the children's psych ward. I lived in depression for a long time until about my freshman year in High School.

My Mom's sister had directed her to The Secret film and we watched it. Personally, I thought I wouldn't like it. However, I couldn't be more wrong! The Secret struck home for me and now I live my life by the Law of Attraction and The Secret teachings every single day. I've learned to love myself and all that's around me. I appreciate every day, my family and friends, and even the simple things (which are never simple to me anymore). I say thank you every time I get the chance.

After I watched the film I moved on to attracting, yes attracting, the book. I read the book and watch the film one or more times every day, and every time I soak in something new. I have attracted a lot of material wealth and outer happiness, but I've rarely felt feelings like I've been feeling in the past years. Now they're not a rarity, but a daily practice!

Thank you so much Rhonda and The Secret Team... THANK YOU!!!

About Patrick from Englewood, CO:

I'm a seventeen year old High School student right now, who loves to explore the wonders of this life and all it has to offer. I found The Secret through family and practice it every day to change my world.

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