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Papa John's Pizza

By Sergio Valenzuela
from Tijuana, Mexico

Well, I was at a Chargers football game and my Dad was hungry. He told me to go and buy a pizza for him, but I was just into the game and I really did not want to go, so I told him that at 2:17 (it was 2:11 I remember) he was getting his pizza. I cleared my mind and just started to think that a pizza boy would appear at that exact hour. I visualized myself looking at the clock at 2:17 and seeing the pizza in my Dad's hands.

Well, as imagined, that's exactly what happened. My Dad knew about the Secret, but he did not believe in it. After that day he was so amazed that he told me to buy the movie.

About Sergio Valenzuela from Tijuana, Mexico:

I'm a 17 year old boy who loves baseball. Baseball is everything to me.

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