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I want the money in my hand today!

By Elena Jancetic
from St. Petersburg FL

I am 63 years old and just recently almost lost my home to foreclosure. I am divorced and have no savings and work full time in a hospital. I have tried several times to get into a home based business to supplement my social security and make it possible to retire, but nothing seemed to work. Then I got the book The Secret from the Library and read it through in almost one sitting. I read it again and then ordered the DVD of The Secret.

Soon after that I was approached by a friend with a network marketing business that sold travel sites. I watched the demonstration and wanted to buy it so bad, but I was broke. I knew my income tax return check was coming in soon, but it was not enough and it had not arrived yet. I called my tax man and he said I should have received it last week! Upon checking he said, "I am so sorry, I filled it out, but failed to file it". I was so depressed and angry. I tried to forget the anger and focus on the things that I am grateful for.

I went to lunch and read the section in the book about Money in my hand now. I walked back from lunch repeating over and over to myself, "The money will be in my hand today". I did not know how, but I knew it would be.

After a while I was sitting at my desk and I heard a familiar voice and there stood my tax man! He apologized for the error and said he wanted me to sign the paperwork so he could mail it in, in order to save me the file online charge. I was just about to say that I needed it now, not 3 to 6 weeks from now, when he interrupted me and said, "By the way, I found another detection we could take, and I went over your return again and instead of $400 back, you will be getting $750 back". I was amazed. I needed $500 for the business and now I could do it when my money was posted to my checking account. I started to thank him when he again raised his hand and said, "I know, you need it now", and with that he pulled out his checkbook and wrote me a check for $500.00 and told me I could pay him back when my money came in.

I couldn't speak! I had just said, "The money will be in my hand today," and it was!!!!!

The Secret works.


About Elena Jancetic from St. Petersburg FL:

I am a medical transcriptionist in a large hospital, and also own my own travel business thanks to the Secret. I am 63 and am planning on early retirement, again thanks to the Secret.

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