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Asking, Believing, and Receiving...

By Deann
from South Lake Tahoe, CA

I have read the book "The Secret". Although I am already a positive thinker with a positive outlook on life, the Secret has showed me a whole new level to go with my thought process. I am very thankful to have it in my life. The power of using the law of attraction has me surprised every day.

The story I want to share today is amazing to me. I like to read over and over "Ask, believe, and receive" to remind myself how important it truly is. I asked to receive a rose. I visualized the smell of it and I believed that I would hold it close to my heart; meaning that someone special has given it to me. I had already received it in my heart. Although, I couldn't decide if I wanted a red, purple, white, or orange colored one. But it didn't stop me from smelling the wonderful scent and seeing the velvet texture of a beautiful flower.

Not only a week later since I started to ask for this; in the mail I received a box with flowers in it. As my breath was swept away, I opened the box, and a dozen mixed colored roses appeared! With a letter saying, "We are thinking of you every second of every minute of every hour of every day! You are so very special to us. We love you! - Dad & Lori" It absolutely brought tears to my eyes. I hold them close to my heart.

Believe in what you ask and know that it is yours to receive.

About Deann from South Lake Tahoe, CA:

I am 27, I live in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, Ca. I have a wonderful life. I spend a lot of time outdoors, being active, meditating, etc.... My life is one great adventure and is even more fun and interesting since I have read "The Secret"

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