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The Universe just loves me.............

By Mandy Thiel
from Pune, India

When I was young, I was a very shy girl. I used to start crying for every little thing and got insecure very fast. The entire family always made fun of me when I told them about my future plans.
But I knew from a very early age that I wanted to travel the world, to study in a university, and live abroad.

As I grew older I gained more confidence and got successful in school. Still, nobody really believed in me. After I finished 10th grade, I got admission to a school where I did a course in fashion designing. I didn't know what I should do or not do after I finished the two year course.

One night I went out with friends and we discussed how it would be to work as a volunteer in Africa. That night I decided to go to Africa and work as a volunteer, but I didn't know at all how I should do that. My mother wasn't very convinced about the idea, and she thought I wouldn't do it anyway. I surfed the net and found the perfect organization to go to Africa with. I applied, and they accepted.

But shortly before I was supposed to go, I had a knee operation and even the doctors said that I wouldn't be able to go. But I didn't care, I knew that I would go.

And I did!

The program was to earn the money and get trained in Denmark for 8 months, then go to Africa for 6 months, and as a conclusion period go to India.
I finished the whole program successfully. Even though nobody believed in me.

When I came to India, I met the love of my life......... now I am already in India for more than a year.

I decided to study here, but that wasn't so easy. After I submitted my documents, I waited for 6 months and nothing happened. Then a friend gave me "The Secret". I read it in just one day, and to see if it is really working I asked for the confirmation of my admission. In just one week after reading the book and applying The Secret, my admission got confirmed and I received my study material.

I just love the Universe, and I know it loves me as well. After applying The Secret I have traveled several continents, and found the love of my life.

Thank you Almas - she is the person who introduced me to "The Secret".

May the universe bless her.

About Mandy Thiel from Pune, India:

I am 21 years old, born in Germany........I have traveled to several continents, got admission in University, found the love of my life, and real happiness and satisfaction by applying "The Secret"

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