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Applying The Secret to Your Life

By Tiffany Reis
from Orlando, FL

I want to share with all of you The Power of the Universe and how my life has changed since applying The Secret.

In the past, I have worked with angry and negative people and my life seemed to be overtaken by their troubling demeanor. I started feeling depressed myself and felt like I was being pulled into this deep black hole.

The best decision I have ever made was to get out of that type of environment and follow my real estate career dream. I got my real estate license and was able to escape the negativity and the dark cloud surrounding that particular company and its unhappy employees. I must say that when I first started at that company I felt like I was walking into a family operated place with colleagues that became very good friends. However, when the company had to sell out to another one everything changed from good to bad; new management and new employees turned this "second home" into a place that I did not want to go to in the morning. A friend of mine who was leaving the company due to the hostile work environment introduced me to The Secret. I went straight to Amazon.com and purchased it.

I started with my new employer all ready to go and master the field of real estate. The unfortunate part was that the manager at the first location I was assigned to turned out to be just as bad as the people I had left behind at my previous job (which was also a real estate oriented company). I spent a grueling month at that location and very fortunately had the opportunity to voice my concerns to the corporation. I knew that my only salvation would be an immediate move to a better office where I would succeed. This was the day I watched The Secret for the first time. I made sure that I was home alone to totally hone into this much talked about Secret. I knew that the time had come to view it as I just heard way too much good coming from it. I realized that I for some reason was attracting negative and angry people into my life.

The moment that I watched The Secret my mind opened up to the Universe and I started applying The Secret to my life! That evening, I asked my mother to watch this amazing powerful insight of The Universe, of all the good it has done to people in the past and what it is doing now to everyone who is open minded to the attraction of the Universe. I felt such excitement and I wanted her to be part of this eye opening and powerful concept of positive thinking and the goodness that was to be received. My mother is now a true believer in The Secret and she views her life very differently - for her good! We have both become very positive and feel the happiness that lies within us. We now share our feelings and our thinking and we both have to laugh when we tell each other that we are slowly bringing other people into this circle of well minded individuals that have been made aware of The Secret. It's amazing how everything started to change in my life once I had exposed myself to The Secret.

In July 2007, just one month later... out of nowhere came the chance to move to the Dr. Phillips office in Orlando, Florida! The people were so inviting, so caring, so happy! Now I love my career and I know with all my heart that I owe it all to The Secret!

I had my first sale this September, just two months after starting at my new work location. I met my first client through my nail specialist and she purchased an outstandingly beautiful home for $1,600,000! Mind you, that became my first sale! We viewed 36 homes over the course of three weeks and I never once got discouraged, I just believed that this would be my start as a very successful real estate agent. Even though there seemed to be some issues that were to delay or even eliminate the closing of the home, I just believed, and my wish to sell this exceptional house to an exceptional client became true!

Yesterday at our all agent meeting (over 300 agents), I walked up to the owner and the broker of the company to accept my award for "Sales Executive of the Month"! It truly was a magical feeling.

The Secret DOES create if we are only open to its teachings and the knowledge that everything we want in life WILL become true.

I have been applying The Secret to my life since July 2007. I have received only good since applying The Secret. In just four months, I have achieved $1.6 million dollars in sales and $3.5 million dollars in listings. I have the greatest boss, friends, and co-workers, and I love every part of my new lifestyle. I feel that I have finally arrived and I know that I will have a very successful future with the company.

The Secret is truly a gift and I am grateful every day for all that I have, all that I have achieved, and all that I will be receiving!

I wish to meet Dr. Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, and Lisa Nichols of The Secret; they have really touched my life, as have all the other Secret teachers. And my mom? Well, she wants to meet Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Bob Proctor. The two of us make it a special evening over and over again to get even more out of the words of these great speakers. We now know that we BELONG to this very special circle of individuals!

You Create Your Own Universe As You Go Along

~ Winston Churchill

About Tiffany Reis from Orlando, FL:

Realtor in Orlando, FL for world renowned brokerage

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