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Receiving Extra Money Easily And Effortlessly!

By Christina
from United Kingdom

First, I have to say thank you to Rhonda and The Secret Team. I read and watched The Secret, read The Power and followed all the practices of The Magic.

My story begins back in May when I was reading and following the practices of The Magic.

I set a goal of increasing my income and truly believed that this is what will happen. Every day, I gave thanks for the extra money I am receiving every week, easily and effortlessly.

This is what happened:

A friend of my brother in law was selling a car on ebay. It was a Mercedes and they put it on auction for 0.99 pounds. The description was hilarious and attracted a lot of attention which in turn made the bids go massively high, right up to 150,000 pounds.

The media was very interested in this story and they were interviewed on both UK national TV and USA TV. I was very focussed on the bids and it made me feel amazing watching it keep climbing. I sent them a huge thank you for such a funny description as I had been feeling low with a cold and it had really cheered me up. I then shared their good fortune with all the people that I know and it was a topic of conversation daily.

This all led to me thinking I really should put items on ebay. I thought about it and wondered what I should put on, and from nowhere came the thought. "Go into the attic, look in a box, look in the flower fairy tin and get girl guide badges".

Well this thought was so random that I had to follow it. Sure enough in a box, in the flower fairy tin were my girl guide badges so I put them on ebay for 0.99 pounds.

People started bidding and they sold.

I then asked "what next?" and again got a random thought: "In attic, tea set from childhood".

Sure enough, there it was and I washed it and sorted it out. There were lots of different bits of tea sets, and so I put it up for 0.99 pounds. The bidding went really well and I sold it for 10.50 pounds.

Since then I have continued to allow myself to be guided what to put on ebay and I have now received over 200.00 pounds from selling items that I have had here in my home. The whole process is very easy and very effortless.

I am so very grateful to Rhonda and her team for sharing The Secret and I love reading the stories on here every evening before I go to sleep.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Love and Light.

About Christina from United Kingdom:

School Teacher, inspired by The Secret!

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