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I Am A Money Magnet

By K.P
from Mauritius

As the title goes, I am a money magnet. This is what I usually repeat to myself when I feel like attracting money.

I have read the The Secret, The Power and The Magic and I have also watched the movie. They changed my life in every possible way.

I have learned about gratitude and I practice it often, working on making it a daily routine.

I have been wanting to attract some money these past few days and I would keep affirming to myself that I would get some money soon and that it will come easily and effortlessly.

Well it did come easily and effortlessly! I had 4 good numbers out of 6 tonight on the lotto!!!!!

I am so grateful and happy I wanted to share with you all! The Secret is to be grateful, be happy and always have faith :)

About K.P from Mauritius:

Hi everyone,

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