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Magnificent Outcome!!!

By Jenna
from Cape Ann, MA

Thank you thank you thank you to Rhonda and The Secret Team for all you do and continue to do! And thank you to everyone who posts their stories here. I read them every day and it truly helps to keep me believing that I really DO create my life!

I am reading The Magic which is the best book in the entire world! I just LOVE the Magnificent Outcome exercise!

I have been using it with great success and had another one today! I just had to tell everyone who comes and reads the success stories, because I know sometimes it feels like everyone else is seeing manifestations but not me! Well, that changed for me so now you KNOW it will come for you, too! :-)

Tax time is coming up and for the past few years we have owed quite a bit of taxes. Like thousands every year. This year, times have been tight so we have been dreading tax time and trying to figure out how we would pay the bill.

I have been writing "Thank you SO much for the Magnificent Outcome to our taxes!!!" over and over for about a week or so now. Even though our tax guy has been asking for more information every day and saying he will get us the number we will owe as soon as possible, I just ignored that and kept thanking for our Magnificent Outcome.

About an hour ago our tax guy called. We are getting a $7,000 REFUND!!!! To give you an idea of how crazy that is, last year we owed $12,000.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Rhonda and Abe-Hicks and God and everyone reading this!! 2013 is the year we ALL wake up and realize we are the creators of our lives, and we can be do and have ANYTHING we want! :-)

About Jenna from Cape Ann, MA:

Beautiful girl with a bright future! :-)

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