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$1000.00 Jackpot!

By Gabe B.
from Twin Falls,Idaho

My fiance had a business retreat in Jackpot Nevada. We were looking forward to getting out of town and relaxing a little. We really didn't have any extra money to go, but she had told me that all we spent would be reimbursed by her company. We got to the hotel, checked in and then went and had dinner. While having dinner her boss mentioned that she would pick up one meal but the rest was up to us. Everyone was a little irritated since we really didn't have the money for this trip in the first place.

We went on with the weekend and had fun but always in the back of my mind I was counting money and thinking about bills that had to be paid when we got home, and if their would be enough.

We decided not to let this bother us and go on with the weekend and enjoy it. We had fun, golfed and ate way too much.

Previously, I had spoken with my Mother and she said she was coming down and we should meet up for brunch on Sunday before we left to go home. I told her that would be fine and that there was a drawing for a BMW Z4 on Sunday. She said that her and I were going to enter and win. I thought that would be great cause I could use the money. It meant though that we had to stick around til 5:00 p.m. and we were ready to get home. My Mom convinced me it would be worth it. So, we sat in the Keno area and filled out tickets for the drawing. We went over and put them in the spinner with the rest of the tickets.

I remember sitting in the Keno area and just thinking to myself if I won a thousand dollars how much it would benefit us, since the weekend had been expensive. I wasn't interested in winning the car because I didn't want to deal with transporting it home and paying the tax and insuring it. I had my mind set on the thousand.

Well, time comes for the drawing and I already had envisioned a thousand dollars in my hand before they started calling the names in who would be involved drawing for the car. You were guaranteed at least a thousand if your name was called, and they were only drawing for five names.

There was so many tickets in the spinner. The chances of them calling your name were incredible. They drew the first name and it was a lady that was waiting already. They drew a second ticket and it was folded up (I folded some of mine, so I could be a little different) The gentleman held it for what like seemed forever and he checks with the list to see if the name had won anything previously. No! Hands it to the woman with the mic and guess whose name they call out. I couldn't believe it! I was actually shocked but at the same time kinda expecting it. I had won a thousand dollars!

I had to stay until 6:00 p.m to draw for the car and I ended up picking #9 and the car was behind #10. I was ok with that cause I had envisioned the thousand and not envisioned myself driving the car.

I am going to Las Vegas in September and have written myself a check for 20,000,000. Stay tuned!

About Gabe B. from Twin Falls,Idaho:

An energetic, personable, striving entrepreneur who lives not only for himself but to give a better life for his family and son.

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