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Reflection in the Mirror

By Sharon
from Cumberland, MD

At 42 years old I lost everything. I was homeless, my children had to go live with their father, I had no money, no job, and my car was repossessed. The only thing I owned were clothes. I was forced to stay with a friend of mine or else I would have to stay at the homeless shelter. I was emotionally struggling. I thought to my self, "how did I get in this position? I have a college education, I have worked hard all my life and now what?". I had thoughts of suicide all the time, I saw no way out. My faith in God had diminished and life had become unbearable. I would look in the mirror and not even recognize myself, and I cried alot.

My spirit was weak but something inside me kept pressing on and I got a job as an office manager for a radio station. The pay was poverty level but at least it was a job. One day while searching through the TV channels, I came across Rhonda Byrne on an old Oprah rerun. Although I had watched The Secret many times, it never clicked with me. On the show, I heard Rhonda say the book that changed her life was "The Science of Getting Rich". So desperate for anything that could help me, I searched the internet and found a free copy and printed it out. I read it in 2 hours and I began crying tears of joy and gratitude, my eyes were finally opened for the first time. "The Secret" had a whole new meaning for me. I began to examine my life and I realized that it was my thinking that produced my life to be the way it was. I had created my own personal hell. I was constantly focusing on what was around me instead of how I wanted my life to be life.

So I took action and right away I began to test the power of manifestation. The hardest thing to do is to renew your mind. Paying attention to your thoughts and focusing on life as you want it to be takes discipline, patience and commitment. I did not realize at the time that my mind was my worst enemy. Within three months I manifested through feelings of abundance and gratitude an $11,000 pay raise, a loving relaltionship with a wonderful man, a car. I have post-it notes on my mirror and every morning I read them and I feel the feeling of deep gratitude for my life, health, people, things I have and things I am receiving. I use the mirror as a tool to remind me that my life is a reflection of my thoughts. My deepest gratitude to you Rhonda, thank you from my whole heart!!!

About Sharon from Cumberland, MD:

I have always had this innate feeling that my life was meant to be more than it is. I desire, health, wealth, loving relationships.I never understand what Jesus meant when he said "the kingdom of heaven is within you".Now I do.

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