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Finding my soul mate with The Secret

By Elena
from Noginsk, Russia

During the last 6 years I was waiting for a prince with whom I would spend the rest of my life in deep and strong mutual love. But all my attempts to be happy failed. My friends already had boyfriends and I still tried to find the only one. After one man broke up with me, I was very disappointed and depressed. I gained weight, forgot about myself, and couldn't think about my future life as a happy and bright one.

But then my mother showed me The Secret. The first thought coming to my mind was, "Yes, it could work." I've decided to open a new page in my life. I've written down my future man's traits of character, hung pictures of how our house abroad would look like, dreamed about changing my specialty from philosophy to interior design - sphere about which I was crazy all my life.

Half a year later, suddenly I met a wonderful man, and from the first day I knew he was my soul mate. Now we're married, live abroad and are very happy. I'm taking interior design classes because my husband insisted in my following the dream. This book has changed my life and I recommend it to everybody - it really can help you begin a new, happy chapter.

The most wonderful thing is that my husband has also read The Secret once and wrote down in his diary: "I want to find a girl who has studied philosophy." By my first education I am a philosopher - and he met me! Thank you so much from both of us! Follow The Secret, because it is your chance to change your life for the better!

About Elena from Noginsk, Russia:

Happy young lady who has found the love of her whole life.

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