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By Susan Romero - Vidal
from Malabon City, Philippines

I could not count the number of times I viewed The Secret and read the book version. I had also given away around 10 copies of the book and promoted it to my loved ones and friends. But there was one wish I had - that I may share the principles with my husband Paul, who was neither a book reader nor a documentary film tripper.

I was so happy to see Joe Vitale in the film because I am a big fan of his. I bought and read the book of Joe Vitale's Attractor Factor in May 2006 while visiting my friend, Imelda Roberts (Author of Barefooted Soul) in Maryland. I remembered writing in the blank space of page 87 of the book what I wanted to be, do and have.

I had many things I wrote -

Be an international best selling author, speaker and coach of authors.

A healthy mind, body and soul

Have a yellow volkswagen or a Fortuner car

Have a three bedroom Rockwell condo

20 - 20 vision

Be free of financial obligations

Be an instrument/channel of God's blessing to others

Be a world evangelist.

It has been a year since I wrote these and one way or another I had accomplished some of them, like my recent lasik eye operation restoring my vision to 20-20. But there was one goal which had become elusive for me - and that was my dream car.

Since I wrote this intention, I had been vacillating on the type of car I wanted to have - at one point I was praying for a Toyota Innova, another time a Nissan Xtrail, and then a Honda city or a Toyota Altis and then a secondhand car from Japan. Until one day, I just had the feeling that our Lord must be confused because of my indecisiveness. So in my prayers, I asked Him, "I won't ask for my dream car anymore, Lord. Instead, I ask, what is your dream car for me?"

As I was praying, I felt the Lord telling me, "I already told you two years ago and you would not believe me. He then brought me to a scene in June 2005, two weeks after I went back to corporate work after 5 years of sabbatical. I set a goal to buy a car. I was eyeing a Toyota Innova but my husband then told me to get a SUV Fortuner which is 20% more expensive. I told him, "That is too much for us. We cannot afford that. " Two years had passed and I still didn't have my car nor God's dream car for me.

Last May 23, while my husband was driving me to work, I opened my book, "The Secret" and read aloud the principles to him.

I asked, "What is your dream car?" ASK. (In a moment of silence I prayed, Lord, please speak through him.)

Paul shouted, "Fortuner" with a big grin in his face.

I asked, "Do you believe you have it?" And he answered, "YES, I BELIEVE"

And then I continued, "Do you believe that one month from now, June 22, that you will be driving a Fortuner?" Again, he answered, "Yes I believe."
And then I continued to read on the visualization part of the book. Both of us had a good feeling imagining being in the Fortuner car.

Two days after, I went to the bank to cancel my application for a checking account. The manager, having lost me as her client, immediately offered a car loan facility which was affordable for me. She asked me the brand and I said, "Fortuner!"
A few days after, she called to tell me that the loan was approved.

She asked me when I wanted it delivered. I said, "On my husband's 50th birthday, June 22."

However, there was a major hitch. I still had to source for the 20% downpayment. I did not have ready cash amounting to $8000.00.

Monday, June 18, I told him that we may have to defer getting the car given the predicament. I then asked him, "Do you believe we can raise the money for the downpayment?" Again, He said, "yes, I believe"

I ASKED my 2 sisters and my friend, Imelda in the US if they can lend me the remaining balance I needed to put up the downpayment and in minutes, my problem was solved. However, their monies are available June 25.

Friday, June 22, on my husband 's 50th birthday, the dealer called to remind me of the requirements. She specifically asked me to bring a MANAGER'S CHECK which was good as cash. I told her that I could not bring one because my money was available Monday, yet in time for the encashment of the check. I remember what Joe Vitale said in the Attractor Factor, Let go. I told her that I am not in a hurry. In my heart though I was wishing that I could get it that day to fulfill the promise.

A few minutes after, she came back and told me that I could get the car and that they would accept a personal check instead which they had never done before.

On our way to the dealer, I was reading the Bible on Hebrews 1:1-2 "To have faith is to be sure of the things we hoped for, To be certain of the things we cannot see."

On Paul's 50th birthday, exactly a month after he ASKED THE UNIVERSE FOR OUR DREAM CAR, we drove home the car he asked for, or rather, God's dream car for us - A FORTUNER!

I went back to my Attractor Factor book and had goose bumps as I wrote beside my dream car, Fortuner - the words "Your wish is my command - June 22, 2007."

About Susan Romero - Vidal from Malabon City, Philippines:

Susan Romero - Vidal is Sunshine to her husband Paul and Mama to Pau, Inah and Monica.
She is also the Author of two books, The Gospel According to my Kitchen Sink and Agent For Life ; Don't Forget your keys.

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