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Starting small... moving on to bigger things

By Dionne
from Columbus, GA

While reading the local paper one day, I saw an ad listing names of persons who had money owed to them, that they must claim before it was turned over to the state. Immediately I thought to myself, " I wish my name was listed here for unclaimed money owed to me."

A couple of weeks later, I received a notice from an insurance company indicating that their records showed that I was owed money from when I had a policy with them and that I had to complete a claim form and return by a stipulated time in order to receive the funds or they would be turned over to the state. It was exactly the thought I held in my mind weeks earlier.

I am now looking forward to receiving larger sums of money, perfect health, and a great job that I love. I truly know that my life is only limited by my own thoughts. I am no longer one who believes that life only happens to us.

About Dionne from Columbus, GA:

On my way, thanks to utilizing The Secret. My location is getting ready to change along with my health, my finances and my relationships. They are all transforming for the better.

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