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One Miracle After Another!

By Gina Hakeem Reavis
from Memphis, TN

I first learned of "The SECRET" on the Larry King Show and then "Oprah". I was drawn to the show like a bee to honey and became instantly smitten with the whole new plan for my life to be changed forever! I began immediately changing my way of "stinking thinking" and imagined favor coming my way.

My first challenge was to believe for $25,000.00. (This was in late March, 2007) I made a vision board of all my dreams and plans and looked at it day and night. I wouldn't let anything or anyone invade my positive space during this time of meditation. In May we were down to "0" in our funds but I felt something in the pit of my stomach that said, "Something is on the horizon and it's coming soon!"

I had also been believing for oil on our North Dakota land since 2004. I had written down in a journal exactly what I wanted the "Oil Company" to say to us about leasing the mineral rights to drill for oil. Everyone laughed at our proclamation but we kept telling everyone that the oil was coming in soon. My son's prayer every night was to say that all the tv-network stations would report about all of this oil in North Dakota because of the abundance. Several months later my son received an email from a friend in Italy who knew nothing about his plan but told him of her dream the night before of many tv anchormen and stations reporting about our oil in North Dakota! That got the old ball rolling!

Going back to the $25,000.00 that I desired and thought about - I knew that it would come about but I just didn't know when. Well, a check for $21,000.00 from an annuity that we didn't even know still existed came to our door! Before the penalty to surrender this amount it was almost $24,000.00. Hey, I'm not complaining about a few less dollars than $25,000.00. I'm ecstatic! The same day we heard from Murex Petroleum that they were ready to begin clearing the land to drill on our property in North Dakota. And, yes they will find much oil. I do know now that what we "think about and thank about does truly come about."

I have been very grateful these last few months even in the midst of sorrow, sickness and obstacles and everything is turning around for the good. Our thoughts are so very powerful and we can decide to grow weeds or beautiful flowers that will produce after their kind, again, again and again! There's so much more but that will be another chapter for the next time. Thank you for helping me to tap into "asking, believing and receiving" and I know more is on the way! Never, never give up - there's plenty for us all!

About Gina Hakeem Reavis from Memphis, TN:

I am a 60-yr old woman with a husband and a 24-yr old son. I'm am an inspiring writer with dreams of a book/tv series about my life. Love animals, people of all races, and deliriously happy working in Aromatherapy.

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