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Against All Odds...A Success Story

from New Jersey

For years I have searched for and struggled with how to obtain a happy, fulfilled and content life. After many struggles both personal and professional I can honestly sit and write that I have succeeded against all odds. A friend of mine recommended that I read The Secret and I cannot put into words how it has transformed my life. Here are three main struggles I faced and conquered as a result:

Struggle 1: Major Medical Illness
I was diagnosed with a major medical condition in 2006 and after the diagnosis, things fell apart. Lost, confused and angry, I felt further from the type of person I knew I could be. After being told by multiple doctors that I would be on medication for the rest of my life, I felt defeated. Four years and many side-effects later, I was in the worst health of my life. Thanks to an encouraging husband, I found the strength to try a more natural approach to treatment. After four months of hell, I felt like a new person and my illness is completely under control. I now realize that finding this alternative solution was as a result of the Law of Attraction and that my attitude was going to be the major driver of my success.

Struggle 2: Infertility
PCOS runs in my family. One of the side-effects is infertility. My husband and I wanted to have children but were not having very much success. After going to a fertility expert, we were told that the chances of us having a baby on our own were "one in a million." We decided to go through IVF treatment to have a baby. After a plethora of drugs, needles, blood tests, and procedures, we went in for the 1st attempt. No luck. I was devestated. Fortunately we had several frozen embryos and decided to go through another round - only the success rate with frozen embryos was much lower than with fresh ones. At this point, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I made the choice that this procedure was going to work. After a lot of work, including visual imagery, we got the call that not only was I pregnant, but I was pregnant with twins! My daughers are both healthy and wonderful and I am thankful every day that they are in my life.

Struggle 3: My Career
After a decade of being in my career, my last job was a draining and depressing place to be in. A few months ago, I couldn't take things any more so I quit my job (with a very lucrative salary) and started my own consulting firm. Several people who were very close to me said, "You are crazy to start anything in this market." I knew after reading The Secret that if I allowed this negativity to take hold, I would not be successful. I began to act as though I was already a successful firm. I created a website, marketing materials, got professional business cards and went through the registration process with the State government to get my business up and running. I constantly repeated a mantra to myself that I would attract the best of all great things and that I am a success. To make a long story short, after 1 1/2 months of starting my company, I received a call from a firm that wants to engage my services. More prospects are pouring in. My dream of having my own firm has become a reality.

I know that this is a long story to read and I thank those of you who have made it this far. My main message is this, to quote a phrase from Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or you can't....you're right." This is the motto I live by. I wish you all the best of all great things.

About KP from New Jersey:

A mid-30's mother of two who has been searching for, and has finally found, The Secret of having an optimal life.

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