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Dream Home

By D L Bradburn
from San Antonio, Texas

It started in 2008. My brother sent me a copy of The Secret, and I was excited as could be! I watched it over and over again. i realize I've been living The Secret all my life, and the film put it into a way i could go deeper than I've been doing.

Now, getting on to my dream home - my wife and I have been married 25 years. We have one beautiful daughter, a successful business and we lived in a mobile home on 2 acres, fully paid for. We were pretty happy, but we always wanted to build a rock home.

Our plan was to split the 2 acres and build on 1 acre and give my mother-in-law the mobile home. But then we thought that building next to mobile homes, our investment would be losing value, so we started looking at houses. Then a new subdivision opened up, with only houses, no mobile homes, which was what we wanted. This house was to be part of our retirement in 20 years.

So I would drive by the new subdivision, sometimes with my wife, sometimes with my daughter. After about a year, we found a house, but the deal didn't go through. Thank God it didn't, because a month later we went to another we liked even more. It was exactly what my wife and I had always wanted. So anyway, we went back to the house during an open house and my family just loved it. We went into one of the bedrooms and said a prayer and claimed this house for us!

I met the realtor and placed a bid on it, but he said no, they already had a contract on it. So we left a little depressed. After a bad experience we had had with another realtor, we were tired of looking at houses, so once he turned down the price I offered, I didn't go back.

So the days turn into weeks, and then one night i decided to watch The Secret again. I got pumped up all over again, so I went back to that house that evening and I said "this is my house and I'm not looking at any other homes".

It was almost a month since I had seen the realtor, after that first night when I claimed the house. The very next day at my business he called me and asked if i was still interested in the home. I said "yes, if it was at the price i told you". He said OK, and so we met, without my wife and daughter knowing. The realtor explained that the other people who had a contract couldn't sell their own house and their contract had expired.

So I signed the contract and made the deal for the next couple weeks. But my wife had no idea! I didn't tell her! It was Dec. 21, 2008, almost Christmas eve.

So I finished the deal and the next day my wife was going to have to be there to sign the papers, but that night before, she had no idea what was going on. For the three weeks leading up to this last night I was a nervous wreck not telling them what was going on!

So we went to go eat and i said to them, "after we eat, let's go look at the Christmas lights at the new subdivision". So I drove up front of a different house than the one we looked at, and they said it's getting kinda dark, but I joked with them and said, "let's go by that other house we loved and see if it's still for sale!"

As we pulled up in front there was a big SOLD sign, and my wife and daughter both said "let's go home, Dad".

I said, "wow, somebody got a beautiful home", and I pulled around to the double car garage to turn around. It was just about dark as I pulled in on the garage. I had had a banner made and I'd put it up on the garage. It said "MERRY CHRISTMAS, ZABRINA AND JAZMIN!!!!!" and on the bottom of the banner I had, "The Law of Attraction!"

Wow, they read the sign and we all started screaming and crying and being so thankful. After 25 years of marriage, we had our dream home. It's been 3 and a half years now. We are still thankful.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it! Doubt, and you'll do without!!

About D L Bradburn from San Antonio, Texas:

i'm a self made man. Been in business for my self for years. Lost it all 3 times in 30 years, but never gave up.

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