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$25,000 from The Secret, page 101

By Heather
from Dallas, TX

My husband bought me The Secret in book form, right before we left for a trip to DisneyWorld. On the plane ride over, I read most of the book, and completed it during our stay. The vacation was the best we have ever had, eerily magical. On the way home, I mentioned Dr. Vitale's quote on page 101 of The Secret to my husband. Dr. Vitale gives the following statement as an example for manifesting money: "I would like to have twenty-five thousand dollars, unexpected income, within the next thirty days" I decided that I could believe in $25,000. As the stewardess served drinks, I wrote this EXACT statement in a journal I bought in DisneyWorld. When the plane landed, my cell phone rang. It was a mortgage broker. I found out I could get unexpected money back from a house refinancing. The total was over $23,000! I later discovered that I got to skip a mortgage payment after the refinancing, which is an additional $2900. Needless to say, I am now a believer!! I am excited to be working on my next "Secret" financial goal.

About Heather from Dallas, TX:

32 year old who now believes she can do anything, have anything, be anything in life

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