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Expect great things to happen every day

By Steve T.
from Charleston, SC

I have always believed in the LOA, but I really did not realize it until I watched "The Secret" for the first time. Even then I still often doubted that I could attract the things I desired.

For many years I have been overweight, out of shape, didn't eat healthy, history of high blood pressure and now the beginnings of heart disease.

This last month I have really changed my thinking as I have been so inspired by these stories that I have read on this site. I am eating healthy, exercising, and believing my way to perfect health.

I am thanKful that I finally understand the "magic" of The Secret and very grateful to all of you who keep writing and reminding me of this wonderful power and how it has changed your lives.

Thank you so much,

Steve T.

About Steve T. from Charleston, SC:

I am 56 years old, retired, but working part time in a job i really love.

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