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Manifesting Money

By Brenda R.
from Massachusetts

First I want to thank Rhonda and the entire Secret team for allowing me to learn and study the LOA.

I read The Secret in November of 2010 and was quite intrigued. I said to myself. "Imagine if this is true, imagine if I can get whatever it is I want." I have always had a good job but never enough money to get the house of my dreams and was deep in credit card debt that I just could not get out of.

Every single day I would write in my journal Thank you Universe for my abundance of money and thank you that my credit cards are all paid off. I would also thank the universe for my beautiful dream home and I would visualize and FEEL everything about my home, I would imagine myself getting a drink and feel the cold on my hands from my dream kitchen, I would imagine every room and what would be in there, I would imagine how happy we would be holding family dinners in my dining room and family gatherings in our backyard, then I would go on with my day and just feel good.

At first nothing happened, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I would read The Secret again, watch the video and I also read The Power and I just kept believing that I would receive. Well back in November of 2010 I had $5.00 in the bank and credit card debt that I just could not get out of. Now 7 months later I have $90,000 in the bank and zero credit card debt and the money just came to me, I did not work for it, it just came to me and I still am amazed what a gift from the universe. We are also in the process of purchasing our dream home and we are very excited about this. I know the process is going to be easy and go smoothly and I'll be in my dream house soon.

Please believe in The Secret, The Power and the LOA, it works. You have to ask for what you want, ask once, believe you are going to receive and feel so good that you let yourself receive. It's just absolutely amazing how it worked for me and I still can't believe it and I can't stop smiling.

I am now going to manifest my perfect body, I have always been over weight and now I'm going to manifest my perfect body and I'm looking forward to it!!! Please if you are reading this and you have any doubts my story should delete all doubts you might have because I had absolutely nothing and now I have an abundance of everything and will continue to manifest a wonderful and happy life. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

About Brenda R. from Massachusetts:

I am a wife and a true believer in The Secret!! I love my family more than anything in the world and I find good in everything that comes my way!!!

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