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I am so happy and grateful now that...

By Michelle P
from Brick, NJ

I am a going into my third year of college and I was looking through my financial aid awards to see how much I owe for next semester. I had calculated that I have about $11,860 in grants and around $10,000 in scholarships. I was so happy because that meant I did not have to lay out any money for school with a private loan. School will be paid for with my grants and scholarships!

A few days later I was up in my room looking for something and came across a paper that came with The Secret DVD. It said "I am so happy and grateful now that" and you were to fill in what you were grateful for. The first thing I had written down was "My college education was paid for by grants and scholarships." I had written that down three years ago when I was still in High School. When I read that and realized that came true I wrote down EVERYTHING I am happy and grateful for!

About Michelle P from Brick, NJ:

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