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From poor to rich

By Anna O.
from Siennica Nadolna, Poland

I was from a poor family. Throughout my life I had to rummage through dustbins or ask for food from people, and sometimes I had to steal money to get something, because my father drank a lot of alcohol and we hadn't money. In school I had problems with learning, and everybody derided me because of my problems. My father was an alcoholic and my mother left him because he shouted, and beat us all. My life was a nightmare. I hated everybody and everything.

One day I realised that I was wrong and I have to change everything. I started looking to find meaning in life. I heard about 'The Secret' in school. One girl was talking about the movie to another girl. I remember she said, "You can have whatever you want..." I was wondering, "What is this 'The Secret'?"

Two or three weeks later I got 'The Secret' movie, and it was really a fantastic film. My whole life started changing after it.

I am not poor - I have whatever I want. I love all people and all people love me. I am so happy, and I'm getting more and more. Now I am a volunteer and I'm helping in the care of children in a children's home. It's really amazing to help other people.

I will go aboard. I dreamed about it. I know it works. Every day I'm using the law of attraction to get something (if I want to find money, I'll find it). I know that the universe will give me whatever I want. I know I will be rich, a famous singer, artist, and writer. I imagine that I am.

Thank you, Rhonda, for 'The Secret.' Thank you universe for everything. Thank you all!!!

About Anna O. from Siennica Nadolna, Poland:

My name is Anna and I am from Poland. I live in Siennica Nadolna near Krasnystaw in east of Poland. I have four siblings and we live with my mother in a really small flat (one room). I finished high school in May. I attended school two years longer because of learning problems. I'm interested in art, music, philosophy, quantum physics, psychology, science, and others. I love to sing, draw, and write.

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