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Money Does Flow Freely & Easily!!!!

By Joey G.
from Bonner Springs, KS

I have always known there was a power in being optimistic and staying positive about life but sometimes I let negative circumstances or people affect me…negatively! In my current occupation I make a very meager hourly wage and I was quickly becoming surrounded by others that let negativity become an all too common companion. I knew that I couldn’t let the negativity of others drag me down anymore and that I wanted to change the way my financial situation was becoming for my family.

A close friend of mine was talking one day about a business idea that was given to him by one of his family members, who does this type of business in another state, and I quickly became excited about the opportunity that it offered. I talked him into the idea that we should start the business together and that it could change both of our family’s financial condition. We sought the training that the business acquired and we came up with the necessary capital to buy the items needed to start it. We became extremely excited about the future that the business offered but we were let things such as risk and worry became a factor in spending money towards the advertisement we wanted to place.

So several months later the business had not had a single job, we hadn’t ran any advertisement, and we were really feeling at a lost on what to do to get the ball rolling. I spoke with my brother in law and he advised me to have faith and to just take the financial risk in placing the advertisement. I talked to my friend and I put the money forward to pay for the advertisement. While we were waiting for the magazine advertisement to start circulating, I started running into financial issues on the home front and I started feeling the effects of worry and negative thoughts on myself and my relationship with my beautiful wife.

After I went through a rough night, I began looking through movies and happened upon The Secret. I became so intrigued by the movie but also felt enlightened too. I started applying positive thoughts and visualization techniques to my life and money started coming from places I never thought they would! This continued for quiet sometime and then I let the negative bug start to re-infect me once more and my wallet took a hit. I watched The Secret again the day my business’ advertisement circulated in a local magazine and I went to bed that evening doing positive visualization techniques on how I am going to make life become for me and my family.

The next day I received my first business deal netting me 1200 future dollars, received over 1300 dollars, and received over 700 dollars in unexpected checks!!!!!

The Secret does work and I am going to continue to strive to live out The Secret through every avenue of my life!!! I hope this story motivates you to continue on The Secret’s path because it certainly has for me. Thank you for reading!

About Joey G. from Bonner Springs, KS:

I am an optimistic father, dedicated husband, and aspiring entrepreneur.

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