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Manifesting a House

By Katrina
from Concord, CA

After I saw The Secret for the first time, my husband and I began meditating to manifest a new apartment to rent. We sat down two times for 10 minutes and meditated on what we wanted our apartment to look like, what specific features we wanted, and where we wanted it to be. We also thought about it during the day and talked about it often.

Not long after, I met someone through the web site Zaadz.com who wanted to meet with me. He was going to recommend me as a tutor to some of the parents he works with as an elementary school teacher. At the end of our conversation, he mentioned that he was selling his house. I didn't think anything of it because we weren't looking to buy a house.

I went home and I got this feeling that I should email him about his house. When he wrote back, it sounded like the perfect place. I emailed him back and asked when we could come see the place. Just a few hours later, we walked through the apartment and I felt like I was walking through my own home. The owner said he hadn't even put the house on the market yet, and it would be a blessing if we were interested in it.

My husband and I loved the place and decided to make a move. The next day we got pre-approved for a loan and the day after that we made an offer on the house. By the end of the week we signed the paperwork that made us homeowners. We move into our new house in a month.

I absolutely believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of creative visualization, and I plan to use it all the time in my life now.

About Katrina from Concord, CA:

I am a tutor, photographer, and writer who has recently discovered the wonders of the universe.

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