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Optimism mantra

By Yve Marie (Brand, trade mark name)
from Greendale, WI

I've just started to say the daily optimism quotes. I have noticed that the change I am experiencing is a change in myself, deep within. This internal change is resonating. It is just beginning to bud like a flower. In its wake is the ripple effect of inner strength moving outward. An inner confidence is growing, small, but I know it is showing. My awareness of others and how I affect them and the world is growing. I still hold to my dreams and I am actually making steps to achieve my dreams. I currently am laid off, but this is not stopping my inner progress. Through this inner change I believe financial resources and continued answers will manifest. I need additional training and I see the need for new computers, cameras, canvas, etc. My dreams are BIG and I do not know how any of this will come about, but I believe it will. In another 26 days I wonder where I'll be.

About Yve Marie (Brand, trade mark name) from Greendale, WI:

Local artist. Aspiring photographer; maker of handcrafted eco-friendly totes and utility cart liners. Desire to be a self-supporting, independent, successful business owner.

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